• Gold Star Brother John Straskeskie inspired to serve his Community in more ways than one

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  • Next Generation Leaders: Kyle Kutney

    This past February, after being part of the Travis Manion Club at my school for several months, and participating in a number of community service projects, I began to develop

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  • Why I Run: Derek Fitzgerald’s Story

    Derek Fitzgerald was diagnosed with Non-Hodkins Lymphoma at the age of 30, when most young men are focusing more on their career trajectory than their health deterioration. Derek fought the

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  • Next Generation Leaders: Robert Bock

    A name and memory are all that is left after someone dies, but the actions we take to continue their legacy can ensure they are never forgotten. I know this

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  • A Partnership for Character: Rumsfeld, Churchill and the Travis Manion Foundation

    One year after the release of Churchill Solitaire, Donald Rumsfeld’s viral mobile app that brought to life the card game played by Sir Winston Churchill himself, the twice former Secretary

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