Veteran Leadership Expedition

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2017 Operation Legacy - November Recap

From November 10th to November 19th, TMF Spartans came together to serve their communities and continue the legacies of America's fallen heroes.

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Terrence featured cards
Character Revealed 11-Aug-2017

“Although I’m no longer in uniform, I can still serve.” Service has always been in Terrence’s DNA.

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Chris featured cards
Character Revealed 10-Aug-2017

Chris has his parents to thank for introducing him to a life of service “I remember being 12 years old and going and helping hurricane victims in the Caribbean build...

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Douglas A Zembiec
Survivor Stories 02-Aug-2017

I finally caught up with the man wearing the Travis Manion shirt. I reached out my hand and tapped him on the shoulder.

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kyle thumb

Pictured are two of the 5k race leaders with TMF staff member. Pictured from left to right are: Hannah Devlin, Josh Jabin and Kyle Kutney

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derek thumb

“Never give up hope. When you’re given that chance, fight like Hell to make the most of it. People can help you, but nobody can do it for you.

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robert thumb

Robert Bock, San Diego, CA

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beau higgins2
Living Legacies 23-Apr-2017

What Legacy Means to Me: “If people remember me as someone that put others first and was a Man for Others…that would be the legacy I would like to have and that I strive to obtain.”

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heather sarver 3
Living Legacies 19-Apr-2017

My Role Model: Brendan Looney, US Navy SEAL, KIA September 21st, 2010

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ira leslie 3
Living Legacies 17-Apr-2017

Growing up, I thought my Dad was the meanest person ever. It felt like I spent a lot of my time being punished for something every day. As I got older and matured, I began to understand that he wasn’t punishing me. 

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nisha sharma 3
Living Legacies 14-Apr-2017

What Legacy Means to Me: “This is the legacy I want to leave behind: As long as you are committed, dedicated, and truthful towards your goals, you will achieve your dreams.”

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