Chief Program Officer, DEI Committee Member

Janaia Nash

Office Location: Atlanta

Top Character Strengths



Personality Profile

What character strength do you value the most and why?
I value honesty the most. Honesty is the foundation to building trust and is the most important characteristic in any relationship - personal and professional.  Honesty speaks to an individual's true intentions and ability to to be transparent and genuine in challenging situations. I pride myself in being an honest person which has allowed me to sustain long-term relationships that have been both mutually-beneficial for myself and the other person. 

How do your top character strengths support your work at TMF?
In my current role at TMF, it is imperative to be genuine, helpful, and committed when working with veterans, their families, youth, and other organizations. Our beneficiaries need to know and feel that we have their best interest at heart and plan to walk this road with them.  

What do you enjoy most about working with veterans, survivors, and inspired civilians?
I’ve been immersed in the veteran and volunteer space my entire life. The military and service is innate to who I am as a person and citizen of this great country. When working with veterans, survivors, and civilians I feel empowered and that I’m fulfilling my own purpose in life to help, guide, and support others impacting the overall moral landscape of our nation.  

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B.S., Systems Engineering and Sociology, United States Military Academy M.S., Human Resource Management, Webster University


Skills and Expertise

Program Implementation and Planning.


Passions and Interests

Youth Mentorship and Volunteering within Communities


Military Connection

I am a Marine Corps Brat, Army veteran and former Army spouse.

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