Operation Legacy

Virtual Volunteer

01 - Apr - 2018 thru 12-May-2018
Virtual Volunteer

Interested in joining TMF during Operation Legacy but cannot make it to one of the projects around the country? Do not worry you can sign up today as a Virtual Volunteer! 

As a Virtual Volunteer all you have to do is go out into your community, at your convenience, anytime during April 2018. Start making a difference - volunteer somewhere that needs an extra set of hands, clean up an area that needs some love, or whatever it is that your community may call for! It takes one person to start a movement but that doesn't mean you can't recruit your friends and family to join you!


Registering as a Virtual Volunteer is completely free of charge but does NOT include an Operation Legacy t-shirt. However, if you would like to donate $10 and receive an Operation Legacy t-shirt, you will need to select the ticket option "Individual Adult with t-shirt" or "Individual Minor with t-shirt". 



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