Local Event

TMF Local Event - MCAS Miramar Memorial Golf Course

TMF Local Event - MCAS Miramar Memorial Golf Course

MCAS Miramar Memorial Golf Course


The Marine Corps Aviation Association was founded in 1972 as a successor to the First Marine Aviation Force Veteran’s Association by order of the Commandant of the Marine Corps. It was chartered as a non-profit from the beginning with the mission of preserving Marine Corps Aviation heritage, supporting Marine Corps Aviation awards, safeguarding the future of Marine Corps Aviation, increasing awareness of Marine Corps Aviation and bonding the past, present, and future members of the Association.

In the spirit of bonding members of the Association, the Marion E. Carl Squadron’s annual Charity Golf Tournament seeks to support other Marine charities that directly aid service members and their families. The Marion Carl Squadron of the Marine Corps Aviation Association proudly supports this annual golf tournament benefitting The Wingman Foundation and The Travis Manion Foundation. We look forward to your participation in this year's event! Semper Fidelis!

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