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Joe featured cards
Living Legacies 03-Feb-2018

Last year, I took on Travis’ beloved Eagles, and this year, we face off against the Rams. The teams change, but my hopes do not.

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Living Legacies 30-Nov-2017

Travis Manion Foundation exists to carry on the legacy of character, service and leadership embodied by America’s fallen heroes and all those who have served and continue to serve our nation.

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Brendan Looneyfeatured cards
Living Legacies 21-Sep-2017

On September 21, 2010, just ten days before his expected return to the U.S., Navy SEAL Lt. Brendan Looney gave his life for our great nation.

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Joy featured cards
Living Legacies 11-Aug-2017

Joy met Col. Tom Manion on her way home from the gym nine years ago, shortly after the death of his son, Travis.

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beau higgins2
Living Legacies 23-Apr-2017

What Legacy Means to Me: “If people remember me as someone that put others first and was a Man for Others…that would be the legacy I would like to have and that I strive to obtain.”

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heather sarver 3
Living Legacies 19-Apr-2017

My Role Model: Brendan Looney, US Navy SEAL, KIA September 21st, 2010

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ira leslie 3
Living Legacies 17-Apr-2017

Growing up, I thought my Dad was the meanest person ever. It felt like I spent a lot of my time being punished for something every day. As I got older and matured, I began to understand that he wasn’t punishing me. 

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nisha sharma 3
Living Legacies 14-Apr-2017

What Legacy Means to Me: “This is the legacy I want to leave behind: As long as you are committed, dedicated, and truthful towards your goals, you will achieve your dreams.”

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brad osmun 3
Living Legacies 10-Apr-2017

My mom was an elementary school teacher and military spouse for 26 years in the Air Force. She always put her family and her students before herself.

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charlene thumb
Living Legacies 05-Apr-2017

My Story_  On a cool, colorful evening during a brisk and breezy fall night in 2009, I became a Gold Star Spouse. In my arms was my husband, my soulmate, my childhood sweetheart and my military man. 

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