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Inspired By Stories of Character

TMF is strengthening America’s national character. In an increasingly divisive cultural climate, we unite and strengthen communities. Our nation needs role models that inspire and we should look no further than the civic assets already living in our communities. Veterans and families of the fallen are leading the charge, pushing us to be better versions of ourselves and improving our collective character. 


"If Not Me, Then Who..."

America's national character

Our nation is built on timeless ideals of freedom, diversity, unity, and selfless service for the common good. America is the land of opportunity and a beacon of hope despite our cultural, social, and economic differences. TMF bridges the differences that separate us and strengthens the ties that bind us.

We unite communities to build an America that values character above all else: where integrity is more important than celebrity and social impact overrides personal gain; where acts of courage, service and kindness permeate the nightly news, and where communities unite together to raise each other up.

“If not me, then who ...”

With a simple but powerful statement, 1stLt Travis Manion, USMC, described the sense of duty felt by service members and their families. 

A powerful mantra

"If Not Me, Then Who..."

On April 29, 2007, Travis Manion was killed by an enemy sniper while saving his wounded teammates. Today, Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) exists to carry on the legacy of character, service and leadership embodied by Travis and all those who have served and continue to serve our nation.

Travis' words before leaving for his final deployment to Iraq "If Not Me, Then Who..." are a constant reminder for all of us to live with character and put other people's interests before our own.

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What we believe


TMF empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations.


To create a nation of purpose-driven individuals and thriving communities that is built on character.

TMF Values

Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat

We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. When we see an opportunity, we run with it. There is no roadmap to achieving our bold mission, so we act with confidence, courage, creativity and independence in pursuit of our goals. We have a bias for action that empowers us to be agile.

Be accountable

We do the right thing at all times. We deliver on our commitments to our members, donors, and partners. We ensure our internal values match our external actions. We take fiscal responsibility seriously and maintain complete transparency.

Purpose begins with Passion

This is a calling not a job. We enjoy building relationships with our members and take pride in having an impact on our community.

Out of many, one

We treat everyone with respect. At TMF, our team comes from all walks of life. We have a wealth of experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds. Our differences make us stronger and a more unified community. We may not always see eye-to-eye, but we work shoulder-to-shoulder to accomplish the mission.

We are fueled by Gratitude

We understand that anything of great value, requires great sacrifice to achieve. We are deeply grateful for the sacrifices of our members--families of the fallen, veterans, volunteers, donors, and staff. This generous spirit fuels our mission and fortifies our commitment. We sacrifice to achieve our goals, we celebrate our victories, and we acknowledge those who get us there.

Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo

With a mission as bold as ours, comes occasional setbacks. When we fall short, we bounce back quickly. We don’t dwell on problems. We find solutions. We accept each others’ well-meant shortcomings and we strive together to improve. We are resilient. We are hopeful. We stay in the fight.


Each member of our staff and board is proud to serve and help strengthen America's national character.

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We are able to build our nation's character because of loyal partners that share our values.

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Our Duty Is Never Done

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001 60,000+ Veterans + Survivors Empowered
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