Coordinator, Grant

Andrew Strain

Office Location: Washington, D.C.

Top Character Strengths



Personality Profile

What character strength do you value the most and why?
I value judgment since I think it it very important to pursue the truth in all things. Exercising good judgment and weighing the evidence is indispensable in that pursuit.

How do your top character strengths support your work at TMF?
My judgment allows me to make sound decisions, and avoid jumping to unsound conclusions. My spirituality keeps me grounded and helps me to place my work in the broader context of my purpose in life, which keeps me motivated even when things are difficult. My honesty enables me to always be upfront with my colleagues, and to be an effective communicator and team member.

What do you enjoy most about working with veterans, survivors, and inspired civilians?
I love knowing that my work will enable veterans and survivors to find renewed meaning and purpose in their lives so they can flourish and help others to flourish.

More About Andrew



M.A. Philosophy, Catholic University of America.


Skills and Expertise

Writing and Communication & Research.


Passions and Interests

Reading everything from philosophy to political economy, cooking, music, and movies.


Military Connection

Both of my Grandfathers served in the US Air Force.

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