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TMF Local Chapters and Contact Info

Annapolis, MD

Currently serving the Annapolis, MD area.

Contact Missy Pasta

Atlanta, GA

Currently serving Atlanta and the Atlanta Metro area.

Contact Jobany Gonzalez

Austin, TX

Currently serving the Austin, TX metro area.

Contact Monica Velez

Baltimore, MD

Currently serving Baltimore and the Baltimore metro area.

Contact Elysia Roser Mahjoub

Boston, MA

Currently serving Boston and the Boston metro area.

Contact Ashley Flynn

Charleston, SC

Currently serving the Charleston, SC area.

Contact Ryan Ross

Charlotte, NC

Currently serving the Charlotte, NC area.

Contact Sarah Sarnocinski

Coronado, CA

Currently serving the Coronado, CA area.

Contact Theresa Jones

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Currently serving the Dallas and Ft. Worth Metro area.

Contact Dion Brugger

Denver, CO

Currently serving Denver and the Denver metro area.

Contact Debbie J. Freeman

Detroit, MI

Currently serving Detroit and the Detroit metro area.

Contact Zachary Boguslawski & Bob Goble

Hampton Roads

Currently serving the Hampton Roads metro area.

Contact John Straseskie

Houston, TX

Currently serving Houston and the Houston Metro area.

Contact James Boscia

Jacksonville, FL

Currently serving Jacksonville and the Jacksonville metro area.

Contact Cella Logan


Currently serving New York City and the NYC metro area.

Contact Isabella Fernandez

Raleigh, NC

Currently serving the Raleigh, NC area.

Contact Chad Johnson

Richmond, VA

Currently serving the Richmond, VA metro area.

Contact Carley Salmon

San Antonio, TX

Currently serving the San Antonio, TX area.

Contact Jeff Anderson

San Diego, CA

Currently serving the San Diego, CA area.

Contact Johnny Chinchila

Washington, DC

Currently serving the Washington, DC metro area.

Contact Rachael Howard




Do you have questions about TMF local chapters and how to start a character movement in your community? Let our team know and we will be in touch shortly. 

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