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Four weeks after Navy SEALs had killed Osama bin Laden, the President of the United States stood in Arlington National Cemetery. In his Memorial Day address, he extolled the courage and sacrifice of the two young men buried side by side in the graves before him: Travis Manion, a fallen US Marine, and Brendan Looney, a fallen US Navy SEAL. Although they were killed three years apart, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, these two best friends and former roommates were now buried together―“brothers forever.”

Award-winning journalist Tom Sileo and Travis’s father, former Marine colonel Tom Manion, tell the intimate and personal story of how these Naval Academy roommates defined a generation’s sacrifice after 9/11, and how Travis and Brendan’s loved ones overcame heartbreak to carry on in their memory. From Travis’s incredible heroism on the streets of Fallujah to Brendan’s anguished Navy SEAL training in the wake of his friend’s death and his own heroism in the mountains of Afghanistan,Brothers Forever is a remarkable story of friendship, family, and war.


About The author

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Colonel Tom Manion started his career in the Marine Corps, retiring after 30 years as a Colonel. Besides his military career, Tom joined Johnson & Johnson in 1990 and through the years has held various leadership roles building a reputation for delivering results. Tom is the father of 1st Lt. Travis Manion. Travis was a Marine leader who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in April 2007.

After the loss of Travis, the family established the Travis Manion Foundation to support our Military and Families of the Fallen and to help create the next generation of leaders. Through the foundation, Tom has worked within the community and around the country to galvanize people around him, inspiring them to convey a sense of sacrifice and public service in all they do.


High Ranked Praise for brothers forever

“This is a story of the price of freedom. All Americans should read it, and understand   the unimaginable debt we owe to such men, the best America has to offer.”    

—Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense under Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush

“Col. Manion’s writing is simple and powerful. He tells Travis and Brendan’s stories as   a narrator of old, in the third person, and thus is able to make the boys seem alive as   he relates them discussing their hopes and dreams and of Looney meeting the woman   who would later become his wife. It’s this same visceral writing, however, that will   make the reader’s heart ache when the Manions are told on a bright Sunday morning   of their son’s death, and how it took Looney’s wife seeing his body in the casket to ac-   cept the reality of his death…the American public has been deliberately sheltered from   war, and America needs to see its consequences in order to grasp its toll on the few   military families.” 

—Marine Corps Gazette, Book Review

“Brothers Forever is the story of two warrior brothers-in-arms who are bonded forever   by their love of country, their shared need to serve, their selflessness, their courage,   and war. This is the story of a deep and lasting friendship that lives on in the hearts   of all who knew and loved them. A deeply moving, true-to-life tale of two men, two   brothers, two American heroes, who now rest with the angels, side-by-side at Arling  ton cemetery. God bless them both.”

—Gary Sinise, award-winning actor and founder of the veterans supporting Gary Sinise Foundation

“For those who might question America’s character, this account of two remarkable   young men will restore confidence. So long as our country breeds committed warriors   like Travis Manion and Brendan Looney, we will pass down our freedoms intact to the   next generation. Their story is the stuff of legends, yet for them it was very real.”  

—General James Mattis, USMC (Ret.), former commander of US Central Command


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