The Travis Manion Foundation honors the fallen by challenging the living. We assist our nation’s veterans and service members, and support families of fallen heroes.
Honor The Fallen

We are dedicated to sharing the stories and carrying on the legacies of our Fallen Heroes

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At a glance
  • 4,345 Volunteers

    bringing the "If Not Me, Then Who..." movement to their communities

  • 47 Community Partnerships

    in 20 states supported through the 9/11 Heroes Run

  • 18,000+ Veterans and Survivors

    supported in 41 communities

  • 37,000+ Young people

    inspired to serve their communities in honor of a Fallen Hero

  • Events
    • 6th Annual Monte Carlo Charity Night

      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • Team Travis & Brendan Marine Corps Marathon Dinner

      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • 39th Annual Marine Corps Marathon

      Washington, D.C.

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  • News
    • MAP-V Classes Start in San Diego and Doylestown

    • Veterans Teach Students about Courage at Leadership Boot Camp

    • Training Held in NYC For Leadership Boot Camp

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