The Travis Manion Foundation assists our nation’s veterans & families of the fallen by empowering them to take the next step in their personal journeys and inspire the next generation of leaders. We believe the best way to honor the fallen is by challenging the living. “If Not Me, Then Who…”, the words Travis spoke before leaving for his second and final deployment to Iraq, have inspired a national movement to service.
Honor The Fallen

We are dedicated to sharing the stories and carrying on the legacies of our Fallen Heroes

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At a glance
  • 100,000+ Young Adults

    inspired to live with character & serve their community

  • 60,000+ Veterans & Survivors

    supported by TMF Programs

  • 50+ 9/11 Heroes Run

    locations across the country and around the world

  • 4,000+ Volunteers

    activated to serve across the country

  • Events
    • CDM Presentation: Tom Kubit & Amber Baum Mount at St. Joseph’s HS

      Baltimore, Maryland

    • CDM: Leadership Academy Session at USS Midway

      San Diego, California

    • CDM Presentation: Tommy Ferrigno at Woodbridge MS

      Woodbridge, New Jersey

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