Character Does Matter



Doing the right thing

TMF Ambassadors develop character and leadership skills in young adults. Grounded in the evidence-based field of Positive Psychology, they use a strengths-based approach to develop character traits in the next generation through a combination of informal discussions and activity-based learning.

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this one program addresses two problems

First, more than 55% of veterans feel disconnected from civilian life.

Second, more than one in three young people – that’s 16 million young adults – never had a positive role model or mentor.

Both groups improve their overall well-being through engagement, stronger relationships and developing purpose through serving others.



Ambassadors connect with youth

Character Does Matter

Character and Leadership Presentations

By sharing stories of real people who exemplify great character and leadership, TMF Ambassadors demonstrate what it means to live the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos – and then challenge students to do the same.

Character Does Matter

Veteran and Youth Mentorship

TMF Ambassadors build relationships with young adults, helping them develop character and leadership through day-long and multi-day experiences, to include team-building exercises, group discussions and experiential learning challenges. As part of the program, students commit to participating in a service project in honor of fallen heroes.




Attend an Informational Seminar

These online sessions will give you a solid understanding of TMF and what it takes to be a TMF Ambassador for the Character Does Matter program. This opportunity is open to veterans, active duty personnel, and families of fallen heroes.


Submit an Application

Complete a formal application to join the Character Does Matter team and TMF will conduct a background check, to approve you for volunteering with youth.


Complete Training & Certification

Through a comprehensive in-person or online training, you will learn how to execute the Character Does Matter program.

Upcoming informational seminars for Ambassadors

Ready to get started?

  • CDM Ambassador Training - Houston

    Start Time: 1:00pm
    14 - Sep - 2017 Register Now
  • CDM Ambassador Training - Chicago

    Start Time: 1:00pm
    28 - Sep - 2017 Register Now
Webinar Trainings

Attend a Webinar Training

As a TMF Ambassador, this training will prepare you speak on behalf of TMF, give you the resources to start and lead a team in your area and give you an overview of all the programmatic options TMF offers to communities. Thank you for joining TMF in our mission to empower veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations. 


Next TMF Ambassador Webinar Level 1 training (open to anyone): 8/23 at 5pm EST. 

Bring CDM to your students

The program is completely free for schools and youth groups thanks to TMF’s generous supporters.

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Access our lessons in character

Discover lesson plans and videos exploring the 24 Character Strengths available free to all.

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