Transition Workshops


Travis Manion Foundation’s (TMF) Veteran Transition Workshops empower veterans to thrive in their post-military lives by identifying their strengths and passions and providing career education and resources to ensure long-term professional and personal success.

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Most current veteran transition programs (including the Department of Defense’s) focus on networking, interviewing, and hiring; however, TMF’s Veteran Transition Workshops focus instead on helping veterans identify their strengths. This improved self-awareness provides the basis for a career search and for other activities that will a strong sense of meaning and purpose in one’s professional career and personal life.



The Veteran Transition Workshop is a combination of lecture, discussion, and group activities. TMF hosts a networking happy hour at the end of the workshops.



MAP-V West 006 Graduation

“TMF has helped with my transition by putting me in touch with people who truly care about their passions and helping out Veterans. It has opened up my network to other Veterans and people who want to see you succeed as a civilian. This type of camaraderie and cohesion is something I thought I lost when I got out of the Marine Corps; TMF has shown me otherwise.”

– Omar Pineda, United States Marine Corps;
Internship with Recon Recycling



VS-E playing in the dirt

“I was at the end of my rope when I got a call from TMF. This program is a life saver, not only to me but to my family also. It changed my outlook on non-profit organizations out there (that it actually worked). The people behind it are really amazing! They welcome me with open arms and helped me right off the bat.”

– Janeth Schneider, United States Navy;
Hired by Olgoonik


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