Senior Coordinator, Pacific Northwest Region

Jackie Johnson

Office Location: Remote Employee: Tacoma, WA

Top Character Strengths



Personality Profile

What character strength do you value the most and why? 
 I value kindness the most. The beauty of kindness is there are so many ways to show it. Even sharing it in small ways can be transformative. A phone call to a friend could save their life. Smiling at a stranger could uplift a heavy heart. Kindness helps me to grow in compassion, listen with intent, and build connection with others.

How do your top character strengths support your work at TMF? 
Everyone has their own unique set of character strengths. The strengths I have are a combination of the positive qualities I want to keep at the forefront of what I do. My love of learning will continuously fill me with the knowledge I need to make informed decisions about the best ways to serve the communities I work with. Honesty pushes me to live authentically, with integrity, and to take personal responsibility in representing TMF’s values to the best of my ability. As I grow in TMF, I hope to lead with kindness that will cultivate the confidence and growth of those around me, encouraging them to be the best version of themselves!

What do you enjoy most about working with veterans, survivors, and inspired civilians?
The spirit, heart, and passion of a volunteer is something special. Their hearts to do the work and generous support they bring to an organization is invaluable. Hearing their stories and the reasons why they give their free time to serve others, is the best part. These incredible humans fill my tank by being who they are, which motivates me to be better at what I do.

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B.A. Business Management; M.A. Communications (emphasis in Education)


Skills and Expertise

Critical Thinking, Creativity, Connector of People


Passions and Interests

Quality Time with Family & Friends, Personal Development, and Service to Community


Military Connection

Proud Spouse of Marine Corps Veteran

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