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What are TMF Expeditions?

Building Communities

Healing together by helping others

TMF Service Expeditions provide unique character and leadership development opportunities for families of the fallen. We provide participants the opportunity for a 5-7 day Expedition to a community in need where they create long-lasting impact, carry on their loved one’s legacy of service, and build their own path forward.

Families of the fallen work through our positive psychology and strengths-based curriculum in addition to completing local community service projects to honor the fallen. Expedition participants leave this life-changing opportunity inspired and equipped to lead in their communities, embodying the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos.


Honor and Serve Community and Self

Service Expeditions provide more than a support system for families of the fallen; they lay the groundwork for participants to continue to lead and serve in the selfless spirit of those we have lost.

For many participants, a TMF Expedition is a pivotal step in the healing journey. TMF provides the curriculum, resources, and support to develop survivors’ character and leadership skills so they may go on to lead in their communities. Through this program, TMF empowers families of the fallen to nurture post-traumatic growth and build resiliency.

TMF Expeditions take participants across the United States. Families of the fallen practice self-reflection and exploration, build relationships, and identify their own action plan to lead and serve.

Communities we continue to serve include Alaska, Montana, Georgia, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico. Service projects range from disaster recovery, home repair, and conservation efforts. We strive to make sustainable impact in all communities we visit by partnering with local nonprofits to support their work. We are committed to serving the communities we’ve made close connections to year after year.


The Value of Expeditions

Check out reflections from Expedition Participants on the impact of participation on their healing journeys.

Erica Johnson

Spouse of Fallen Servicemember

“We all grieve differently and, at some point during the process, it can consume us to a point of believing we just don't know how we are going to make it. Expeditions help us meet and bond with others who are going through, engage in activities that some of us thought we never could or would do, honor our loved ones through service to others, find strengths we thought we never had, and find and/or redefine that special purpose we have in life; thus giving us that courage to drive on and move forward.”

Daniel Bertolino

Son of Fallen Servicemember

“I can't think of a better way to honor my dad than by serving alongside my brother. Our Father was a very service-oriented person and was all about initiative. He taught us that we should never have to be asked for help, we should always offer a helping hand.”

Amy Reid

Sister-in-Law of Fallen Servicemember

'"This expedition gave both my sister and I a much greater sense of hope. Seeing the other family members who were further out from their loss living successful and joyful lives was wonderful. The pain will never go away, but we can still be happy. That was the greatest lesson I learned last week."

Serve in their Honor

Search for Upcoming Expeditions

  • Survivor Expedition

    2022 - Puerto Rico

    Start Time: 8:00am
    23 - Jan - 2022 thru 29-Jan-2022 Get Involved
  • Survivor Expedition

    2022 - New Orleans

    Start Time: 8:00am
    09 - Feb - 2022 thru 13-Feb-2022 Get Involved
  • Survivor Expedition

    2022 - Montana Teen Expedition

    11 - Jul - 2022 thru 15-Jul-2022 Get Involved
  • Survivor Expedition

    2022 - Alaska

    Start Time: 8:00am
    07 - Aug - 2022 thru 13-Aug-2022 Get Involved

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Additional Information

  • Commonly Asked Questions

    What are the costs associated with participating in a TMF Expedition?

    All transportation, food, and accommodation costs will be covered by TMF.

    Who is eligible for TMF Expeditions?

    Siblings, spouses and partners, parents, and children of fallen heroes are all welcome. Participants who have gotten the most out of this experience are typically over 18 months out from their loss.

    What are the age restrictions to go on an Expedition?

    You must be over 18 to attend the majority of our Expeditions. There is no upper age limit. Every year we offer one Teen Expedition which is open to teen family members of the fallen between the ages of 14-18 years old.

    Can I apply for an expedition even if I’ve never volunteered with TMF before?

    Yes, prior engagement with TMF is not required to apply to an Expedition.

    Will I have the opportunity to meet the other participants prior to our Expedition?

    Yes, TMF staff will host multiple virtual meetings prior to the in-person experience to ensure participants feel prepared for the trip and can begin building relationships with their group.

    What are your COVID protocols for in-person events?

    **include latest protocols at the time page goes live**

    Who will I be sharing a room with?

    It depends on the location of the Expedition, but participants are typically two to a room.

    If I fill out an application, do I automatically get a spot on the trip?

    No, after you submit your application TMF staff will be in touch with you to alert you of your selection status.

    Will I be provided with a packing list?

    Yes, once you are selected for an Expedition you’ll receive a packing list specific for that location.

    Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

    Kaitlyn Shepard - Manager, Expeditions

    Email: kaitlyn.shepard@travismanion.org

Please direct any additional application or program questions to Expeditions@travismanion.org

Growing Together

Explore Past Events

2021 - Alaska Expedition

17 families of fallen service members came together for a week of service in Big Lake, Alaska in August.

Learn More

2021 - Montana: Teen Expedition

Twelve teen family members of fallen heroes alongside TMF Veteran and Survivor Mentors embarked on a 5-day Expedition this July in Montana. 

Learn More

2021 - Georgia Expedition

Travis Manion Foundation traveled with ten Spartans to Atlanta, GA for a five-day service Expedition. The group, comprised of families of the fallen and TMF staff, focused on a large-scale service project to support local family-run nonprofit, 180 Degree Farm.

Learn More

2020 - Puerto Rico Expedition

Twenty-one TMF Spartans returned to Puerto Rico for their second Service Expedition to continue rebuilding efforts in the community during the week of Jan 25th. 

Learn More

2019 - Iowa Expedition

The week of September 15, 2019 a group of survivors and TMF volunteers from across the United States descended upon the Quad Cities region of Iowa and Illinois to honor their loved ones' legacy of service.  

Learn More

2019 - Alaska Expedition

A group of 15 survivors and TMF volunteers traveled from across the United States to meet in the last frontier of Alaska for a week of service and growth.

Learn More

2019 - New Bern Expedition

Families from across the country came to serve with a family member in honor of their fallen son, brother, father and husband in New Bern, NC.

Learn More

2019 - Teen Expedition

A group of surviving Teens traveled to Yellowstone National Park to take part in an environmentalist program. The TMF group stayed in the park and had multiple opportunities to help the park conservationists.

Learn More

2019 - New Mexico Expedition

A group of survivors, volunteers, and TMF staff traveled to Iyanbito, New Mexico, to take part in a home build for a Vietnam-era Army veteran, who is the son of a Navajo code talker.

Learn More

2019 - Guatemala Expedition

A group of twenty survivors, veterans, and TMF volunteers traveled from across the United States to meet in Guatemala for a week of service and growth.

Learn More

2018 - Ithaca Expedition

Thirteen survivors from across the country gathered together in Ithaca, NY during the first week of October for a week of service in honor of their loved ones.

Learn More

2018 - Alaska Expedition

To honor their fallen family members, 21 survivors from across the country gathered in Anchorage, AK, for the 2018 Travis Manion Foundation Big Lake Expedition.

Learn More

2018 - Survivor Summit Expedition

During the week of July 27th, eleven wives of fallen heroes traveled from all over the country to meet in Denver, Colorado.

Learn More

2018 - Teen Expedition - Houston Hurricane Relief

A group of fourteen teens from 14-18 years of age met in Houston, TX to aid the rebuilding process following Hurricane Harvey.

Learn More

2018 - Puerto Rico Expedition

A group of survivors, TMF staff and volunteers traveled to Puerto Rico to honor their loved ones by serving those still impacted by Hurricane Maria.

Learn More

2018 - Ft. Hood Expedition

TMF hosted the first Gold Star Teen Character and Leadership Expedition on May 5th and 6th at Ft. Hood.

Learn More

2018 - Boulder Colorado Expedition

Spartans from across the country descended on Denver, CO for the second TMF Leadership Expedition to inspire, empower and mentor kids.

Learn More

2018 - Janet Manion Memorial Expedition

A group of military survivors, veterans, TMF staff and volunteers traveled Houston to participate in the Janet Manion Memorial Expedition.

Learn More

2018 - Guatemala Expedition

Twenty survivors, TMF staff, and volunteers traveled to San Raymundo, Guatemala, to honor the service and sacrifice of their fallen heroes.

Learn More

2017 - Dominican Republic Expedition

A group of survivors and TMF staff members from all over the country met for the first time as they traveled to serve in the Dominican Republic.

Learn More

2017 - Leadership Expedition

This past October the Travis Manion Foundation held our first Leadership Expedition in Boulder, CO. 

Learn More

Men's Bike and Build Expedition

During TMF's Bike and Build Expedition, participants traveled by bike and serve in multiple communities. The bike ride began in Pittsburgh and ended in Washington, D.C.

Learn More

Big Lake Alaska Expedition

Travis Manion Foundation hosted an Expedition for survivors to honor their loved ones through service. Together the group participated in multiple projects to benefit veterans and the community of Big Lake.

Learn More

Survivor Summit Ladies Expedition

Travis Manion Foundation hosted an Expedition for survivors (wives, fiancées and girlfriends) to honor their loved ones through service. Together the group participated in multiple outdoor experiences and served at a local school for the blind.

Learn More

Teen Expedition

The Travis Manion Foundation hosted an Expedition for survivors (ages 15- 18 years) to honor their loved ones through service. Together the group served at a horse rescue that provides equine therapy for kids in need.

Learn More

Janet L. Manion Memorial Expedition

Travis Manion Foundation hosted the JLM Expedition to honor the legacy of service of Janet Manion, the founder of TMF. Together the group of survivors participated in building multiple cottages for veterans and community members in need of housing.

Learn More

2017 - Guatemala Expedition

The Travis Manion Foundation hosted an Expedition for survivors to honor their loved ones through service. Together the group  participated in a home build for a family in need. 

Learn More

New Mexico Expedition

The Travis Manion Foundation hosted an Expedition for survivors to honor their loved ones through service. Together the group  participated in a home build for a family in need. 

Learn More

West Virginia Expedition

 Together the group participated in multiple construction projects to benefit the flood ravaged town of Richwood.

Learn More
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