Ensuring Our Fallen Are Remembered this Memorial Day_



In 2021, TMF recognized families and battle buddies of those interred at Arlington National Cemetery were unable to visit their loved ones on Memorial Day weekend. To ensure those heroes were not forgotten, TMF mobilized hundreds of veterans, survivors, and volunteers to visit 4,000 gravesites throughout the weekend, placing hand-crafted tokens of remembrance and pausing to reflect on the sacrifices of those service members.

This year, we are extending our efforts to include Arlington National Cemetery as well as national cemeteries in Jacksonville, FL (Jacksonville National Cemetery); San Diego, CA (Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery); Fort Leavenworth, KS (Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery); Fort Logan, CO (Fort Logan National Cemetery); Bucks County, PA (Washington Crossing National Cemetery); and West Point, NY (West Point National Cemetery).



We want to properly recognize service members interred at six participating national cemeteries across the country by stepping in for their families on Memorial Day weekend. Submitting your family member or battle buddy for this honor comes at no cost to you. To have our volunteers pay tribute to them in 2022, and lay a hand-crafted Flags of Valor coin at their internment location, enter your information at the link below.



In addition to identifying heroes nationwide who deserve our time and effort this Memorial Day, we will also be actively recruiting volunteers who can help us properly honor those service members. If you are a veteran, family member of the fallen, or an inspired civilian who would like to join our movement, please stay tuned for details in April about how you can register as a volunteer. It’s important to note that volunteers must be located in or be willing to travel to a participating national cemetery in Arlington, VA; Jacksonville, FL; San Diego, CA; Fort Leavenworth, KS; Fort Logan, CO; or Bucks County, PA on or around Memorial Day. They must also be willing to dedicate time and effort to properly acknowledge our service members - rain or shine.



Although #TheHonorProject is only occurring at select national cemeteries across the country, there are other ways you can join us in honoring the sacrifices of our fallen this Memorial Day. To start, search our Operation Legacy service projects page for an event honoring a hero in your community. If there are no events near you, we encourage you to lead one yourself. Get started by creating a free account on our Spartan Development Center, then follow the steps under the “Volunteer Activation” tab. Uniting friends and family in your community to honor a fallen hero can be as simple as picking up trash and debris on your street. Get creative to carry on the legacies of our fallen through service.

Additional Information


    I am a family member of the fallen with a loved one buried at Arlington or one of the other participating National Cemeteries. Does it cost anything for my loved one to be visited and have a Flags of Valor coin placed?

    There is no cost to submit your loved one for a visit. It is our honor to visit them on Memorial Day weekend.

    Can you visit my loved one at my local National Cemetery? 

    For 2022, #TheHonorProject will only be visiting fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery (Washington, DC); Jacksonville, FL (Jacksonville National Cemetery); San Diego, CA (Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery); Fort Leavenworth, KS (Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery); Fort Logan, CO (Fort Logan National Cemetery); Bucks County, PA (Washington Crossing National Cemetery); and West Point, NY (West Point National Cemetery). If you’d like to honor a fallen hero located elsewhere, you may purchase a hand-crafted Flags of Valor coin to have it shipped to your home as a keepsake or to place on your service member’s gravesite. You may purchase a coin beginning in May. We are hopeful to add more national cemeteries in the years to come.

    May I submit my battle buddy? 

    Yes, you may submit your battle buddy here. During the registration process, there is an option to select “Battle Buddy” when prompted to enter your “Relationship to Fallen Hero.”

    I am a family member of the fallen. May I also volunteer? 

    Absolutely. We encourage families of the fallen to volunteer. Please register at the link above - once volunteer registration opens in April - and event organizers will contact you with details in May.

    Will I be able to tell if someone has visited my loved one?

    Yes. Our volunteers will directly text or email you a photo of your loved one’s interment site once they place their coin, if you prefer. Some photos may also be posted on our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

    What if I do not know the grave site location? 

    Most of the time, you can look up interment locations on national cemetery websites, but that is not necessary. We do ask that you provide your best estimation - even if it’s simply a section number - and we will take care of the rest. If you don’t have that information, our volunteers will find it.


    I registered as a volunteer. What are the details? 

    TMF will contact all registered volunteers in early May to share details regarding exact dates for each national cemetery, meeting spots, procedures, times, and anything else you will need to know. Especially as it relates to Arlington National Cemetery, our team will be taking parking, rally points, and public transportation options into account. Once we secure enough volunteers for activations leading up to Memorial Day, registration will close.

    I want to serve but I'm not located anywhere near the seven participating national cemeteries and am unable to travel. Can I help in another way?

    Absolutely. We're calling on everyone to honor fallen heroes. You can sponsor coins for our volunteers across the country to lay at participating national cemeteries or you can purchase a coin yourself beginning in May. Hand-crafted Flags of Valor coins may be shipped to your home, so you can lay it at a fallen hero's gravesite near you.

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