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Spartan Leadership Program

Building Leaders Through Character

Travis Manion Foundation’s premiere Spartan Leadership Program (SLP) connects purpose with passion to hone and leverage the leadership of our nation’s heroes. The 7-month program offers an innovative way for veterans and families of fallen heroes to learn and embrace the framework of Spartan Leadership, which begins with self-development and culminates in building a lasting legacy of service.

Through intentional practice and learning that blends virtual and in-person experiences, the SLP is aimed at developing personal growth and leadership among veterans and survivors, who we believe are uniquely positioned to motivate communities toward meaningful change. Rooted in the principles of character-based education and positive psychology, SLP curriculum is delivered by best-in-class, like-minded professionals who share our passion for empowering veterans and families of the fallen.

The 2021 Application is now Closed.

Spartan Leadership Framework

Defining Spartan Leadership

Being a Spartan Leader means leveraging one’s strengths to empower others to thrive through putting character into action. Our program works to develop this unique mindset by focusing on the four core principles of Spartan Leadership:



Participants will develop a deeper understanding of self in order to employ a growth mindset that ensures they always act with intention.


Connect + Challenge

Participants will learn how connecting within a group setting can facilitate self-improvement, and they are challenged to empower others to do the same.



A desire to serve is at the core of every Spartan Leader. Participants will leave the program with a heightened desire to lead by example, from the front.


Build a Legacy

We want our graduates to cultivate a lasting legacy of service - one that begins with themselves, but also continues on in their communities for many generations to come.

SLP Inaugural Class

Selected for Greatest Impact

We believe true leadership is a calling - not an obligation. Our goal is not to create leaders, but to instead invest in those who have already displayed a passion for service in their communities. We had over 100 applicants apply for our inaugural class, with 20 selected, showing the overwhelming demand for this program. Members of our inaugural class represent a wide range of experiences, walks of life, character strengths, interests and passions. We believe these 20 highly engaged Spartans will go on to make a great impact due to their continued dedication to self-development, their unfailing commitment to serving others, and the way they continually embrace a value-driven life.

Additional Information

  • Program Details

    How is this program different from other leadership programs?

    The Spartan Leadership Program is unique not only because we’re bringing together veterans and families of fallen heroes who are already uniquely positioned to lead but also because our curriculum is enriched with character-based learning, self-discovery, and experiential leadership development. Participants are challenged to reflect on and develop a deeper understanding and clarity of personal values, passions, purpose, and leadership. We believe personal purpose is what leads to passion and thriving; our curriculum is built around that idea.

    Where are the meetings and events held?

    All curriculum meetings will be hosted online. There are two mandatory in-person meetings -- a TMF Leadership Expedition in Colorado, May 2021 as well as a capstone project presentation and graduation ceremony in November 2021; location TBD.

    Is this an accredited program? Can I receive college credit hours?

    When candidates complete the program, they will receive a certificate from the Spartan Leadership Program.

    What topics will the program curriculum cover?

    The Spartan Leadership Program consists of a 4-part framework: Develop, Connect & Challenge, Serve, and Build a Legacy. The curriculum moves each participant through the framework by way of an in-person experiential Leadership Expedition, readings, group discussions, reflection activities/assignments, guest speakers, and a cumulative capstone project.

  • Candidate Selection Process

    What are the application requirements? How will participants be selected?

    SLP is designed exclusively for veterans and families of fallen heroes. Candidates are asked to participate in a detailed application process. 

    Due to limited space, the SLP selection process is divided into two phases, an online application phase, and a person-by-person committee review phase. Select applicants then move forward to a series of phone and/or video interviews by members of the Selection Committee.

    Is this program open to people who are not veterans?

    This program is designed specifically for veterans and families of fallen heroes.

    Can I apply if I haven’t participated in other TMF programs?

    The SLP is open to previously engaged Spartans as well as veterans and family members of fallen heroes who are new to TMF.

    When are participants chosen and notified?

    Applications are currently being accepted for the 2021 cohort. Please use the link above to apply.  The application closes on Saturday, October 31, 2020. The selection committee will begin the process in November 2020, and all final applicants will be notified by the end of January 2021.


Please direct any additional application or program questions to SLP@travismanion.org

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