Why the Spartan Leadership Program?

We created the Spartan Leadership Program to empower Spartans to learn, lead, and grow by providing character-based exploratory, educational, and experiential development opportunities. We feel confident that we are providing an experience that is unparalleled in the veteran space because we designed this program with you in mind. 

While participants will graduate with an unrivaled character-based education and experience, our program allows for you to continue to keep the work-life balance that makes you such a special community leader. We’ll provide a safe and supportive environment to grow that gets you out in the community, has flexible online meetings you can attend from the comfort of your own home, and facilitates meaningful mentorship from top leaders at Boeing and TMF.


Who Should Apply

Veterans who demonstrate a dedication to self-development and passion for service to others. If you’re a self-starter who thrives in a dynamic environment, we want to work with you. Ideal candidates for the Spartan Leadership Program are looking to go above and beyond their current community involvement and are willing to put in the hard work to reap the rewards. While we welcome familiar faces from our experienced Spartan community, we are also looking to engage with talented and inspired veterans from all over who are compelled by this mission.


Program at a Glance


TMF is developing veteran leaders who cultivate change in their own lives and their local community through the power of personal character strength-based learning. Veterans and survivors will walk away with tangible skills, experience, and measurable personal growth strategies. These can be applied outside of TMF to all aspects of their lives - including but not limited to their career and family. They will also design and present a Capstone Project, vetted by Boeing and TMF, that will be ready upon graduation.

Participants will have greater awareness of character strengths, improved confidence to lead, and learned skills to be an effective ‘Spartan Leader’. What makes Spartan Leadership Program stand apart from other programs is TMF’s commitment to provide world class mentoring while allowing for participants to continue to serve their work, families and communities. TMF aims to challenge each participant’s concept of who they are and how they lead.


Time Commitment

The Spartan Leadership Program is an 8-month program that begins in April and concludes with graduation in November. All applicants must be available for two in-person sessions: an interactive Leadership Expedition in the Colorado mountains in April and the Capstone Presentation & Graduation at Boeing Headquarters in DC in November.

Additional program sessions in between will be completed online via video conference, with Capstone development beginning in October.



Thanks to our founding sponsor of Boeing, this program and all associated travel is free to all participants! We do require your time, effort, and commitment to take what you learn and implement as a leader in your community.


Admissions Timeline

You will be required to fill out an application form designed to take no more than one hour to complete and submit. Applications are due no later than January 27th. Interviews will follow in February and the final decisions will be made by the end of the month.




  • Program Details

    How is this program different from other leadership programs?

    The Spartan Leadership Program is comprised of experiential learning methods - we believe we learn best by doing. Everything is authentic and self-focused. We aim to challenge conventional leadership approaches by focusing on building a strong sense of self; we believe personal purpose is what leads to passion and thriving.

    Where are the meetings and events held?

    There will be 2 in-person meetings held in April and November. Additional lessons will be held exclusively online.

    Is this an accredited program? Can I receive college credit hours?

    No. When a participant finishes the program, they will receive a certificate from the Spartan Leadership Program.

  • Application and Selection

    What are the application requirements? How will participants be selected?

    Selection for the Spartan Leadership Program is divided into two phases. The first phase consists of an online application designed to take no more than one hour to complete and submit. Once the online application window closes, all applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee (SC). Select applicants will then be moved forward to phase two of the selection process. Phase two is designed to become better acquainted with specific applicants. The Selection Committee will utilize phone and/or video interviews to ask a standard set of questions designed to allow the candidates to share more about themselves.  

    Is this program open to people who are not veterans?

    No. This program is designed specifically for veterans and families of fallen heroes.

    When are participants chosen and notified?

    Applications are due no later than January 27th and participants will be notified that they have been chosen at the end of February.

    Can I nominate someone for consideration?

    If you feel that you know someone who is a good fit, please feel free to share this page with them.

  • Leading in the Future

    What commitments are expected of alumni?

    While there are no required commitments, we encourage and expect that Capstone Projects are implemented after graduation and that you take what you have learned to lead your community alongside TMF.

    I’m interested in this program but I can’t attend this year. How can I receive information about the program in the future?

    The best way to keep informed is by joining the mission, if you haven’t already. There is no one way to lead with TMF: our programs are unique and are accessible for all levels of participation. More information will be shared about future programs as the year progresses.

Please direct any additional application or program questions to

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