A Workout to Honor Travis’ Legacy

Dedicated to 1stLt Travis Manion, USMC, the Manion Hero WOD (Workout of the Day) brings veterans, families of the fallen, and inspired civilians together each year to honor Travis’ life and legacy on and around the anniversary of his sacrifice on April 29th. CrossFit boxes, ruck clubs, and gyms host the workout while thousands of individuals nationwide honor Travis’ sacrifice by completing a 400-meter run and 29 weighted back squats, repeated for 7 rounds. The workout is structured to honor the day Travis gave the ultimate sacrifice on 4/29/2007.

april 26-28, 2024


Register at a gym

Register to participate at a local gym, CrossFit box, or with a ruck club.


Register virtually to receive a shirt and take on the workout on your own.

Host a workout

Lead the 400-meter run/ruck and 29 back squats (135/95 lbs), repeated for 7 rounds.

Challenging For All

There are two ways to participate in this demanding workout - designed to reflect the strength of Travis’ legs. Registrants can complete the hero WOD at an official host location, detailed on the map below, or register to complete the workout on their own virtually. All registrants receive the official Manion WOD t-shirt and an opportunity to honor a fallen hero with our community of Spartans nationwide.

Gyms and Ruck Club Leaders

Registration for the 2024 Manion WOD has closed. For more information, contact

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    There aren’t any events in my town. How can I participate?

    You can complete the WOD individually as a virtual registrant or you can reach out to a local gym or ruck club to see if they would be willing to host the workout.

    Do I have to complete the workout during the weekend of April 26-28, 2024?

    When you register for an event being held at a gym or hosted by a ruck club, your registration will indicate the date and time the workout will be held at your host site. If you register virtually, we encourage you to complete the workout on or around the anniversary of 1stLt Travis Manion’s ultimate sacrifice: April 29, 2007.

    When will I receive my Manion WOD t-shirt?

    We guarantee you will receive your shirt to wear by Manion WOD weekend (April 26-28) if you are registered by April 12, 2024. If you register after April 12, your shirt and patch (rucking division registrants only) will be shipped as soon as possible.


    Can I modify the workout or do I have to complete the WOD as written?

    To ensure all can participate safely, we encourage participants to modify the workout as needed. This can mean scaling back the weights, completing the squats with body weight only, biking instead of running, or splitting the workout with a partner or team.

    Do I need to complete the Manion WOD in a certain amount of time?

    While we encourage all participants to push themselves to complete the workout as fast as they can, there is no time limit.

    Do I need any special equipment to participate in the rucking option?

    Rucking is walking or running a set distance while carrying a weight in a backpack. As a rucking participant, you can complete the WOD wearing a backpack, a GORUCK rucksack, or a weighted vest.

    What weight should I carry if I’m rucking the Manion WOD?

    While you can complete the WOD at a weight that matches your abilities, we typically follow the GORUCK standard: 20/10 split for those over 150 lbs (20lb ruck) and those under 150 lbs (10lb ruck).

    Do I need to ruck with a group as a virtual participant?

    You can choose to participate with a group or on your own when you register for the Virtual Manion WOD.


    What does it mean to host the Manion WOD?

    Hosting the Manion WOD is an option typically reserved for gyms, CrossFit boxes, and ruck clubs who want to bring together members of their community to complete the workout and honor 1stLt Travis Manion. Smaller community groups, TMF Chapters, and schools also regularly sign up as hosts. The most important task of a host is to gather and lead your community in the Manion WOD (Workout of the Day). Watch this video to see what it could look like for you.

    Do I have to hold my Manion WOD event in April or can I choose another date?

    TMF encourages hosts to hold their events on or around the anniversary of 1stLt Travis Manion’s ultimate sacrifice: April 29, 2007. In 2024, most Manion WOD events will take place on the weekend of April 26-28.

    What do I receive as a host?

    As a Manion WOD host, which comes at no cost to you, you’ll receive the following:

    • Online registration page for your members to register for your event (sent within a week of signing up as a host) 
    • Marketing materials – electronic flyer and social media images
    • TMF-branded wristbands
    • Report of attendees one week before event day

    TMF will handle the distribution of all official Manion WOD t-shirts and patches (rucking division only). All participants who register through your event website will receive their shirt/patch shipped directly to them. Although your community members may attend your Manion WOD event without registering, they will only receive an official t-shirt if they registered through your event website.

    How do I get community members to attend my event?

    As a host, you have the option of including your event registration website link on our main Manion WOD page where people throughout your community can register and attend. We also encourage grassroots marketing on your part. Share your event link with friends, family, and members of your gym or club. Share social media images provided to you on your channel, print and post the flyer at your gym or around your community. 

    What does it cost to host?

    Host cost: $0 
    Gym Participant: $34
    Ruck Participant: $40

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