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There are a number of dedicated Travis Manion Foundation donors who go above and beyond, giving a cumulative tax deductible donation of $1,000 or more each fiscal year (April 1 - March 31). Spartan Society is our recognition program to honor and thank these donors who help advance our mission. Individuals, companies, foundations, and independent fundraisers are all eligible for membership in our Spartan Society, which offers exclusive opportunities and benefits based on one’s tiered giving level.




  • Invites to exclusive regional Spartan Society meetings and receptions

  • Special invitation to the Annual “If Not Me, Then Who...” Gala and VIP

  • Recognition with name printed in Gala program book

  • Name recognition in TMF’s Annual Report

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$1,000 - $2,499


$2,500 - $4,999


$5,000 - $9,999


$10,000 - $19,999


$20,000 - $49,999


$50,000 - $99,999


$100,000 - $249,999


$250,000 - $999,999




Member Spotlights

Each member of our Spartan Society embodies the “If Not Me, Then Who…” spirit in their professional lives, at home, and when serving and uniting their communities. Here are a few members who help support our mission and help us develop character in future generations.

Jenny Galiani


Celebrating service members and veterans has always been close to Jenny Galiani’s heart, especially since her father served in the Navy, her younger brother Dale Wetherill served in the Marines, and her grandfather served in the Coast Guard.

“I grew up being all about the military. When my brother was in boot camp I was graduating from Penn State, and I wrote him a letter every single day. I’ve never been so proud of him,” Jenny said. “When he joined the Marines, he didn’t just join the Marines. It changed his whole life. He’s just a born leader and an incredible person.”

A Veteran Mentor in the Character Does Matter program for youth, Dale invited Jenny and her family to a TMF event several years ago. She had already read about 1stLt Travis Manion and learned about his connection to her hometown of Doylestown, PA, but she hadn’t connected with TMF. After attending the event, however, and seeing the community in person, she knew she had to get involved.

Since then, Jenny has become an active member of the TMF Philadelphia Chapter, volunteering and participating in 9/11 Heroes Runs and helping with service projects like rucking canned goods to her local food pantry. A dedicated Spartan Society member, she says that although her call to serve with TMF took place in the past several years, service has always been close to her heart. 

The co-founder of her own nonprofit, Adoption is a Loving Option, Jenny spent 20 years educating high school students and prospective parents about the opportunity of domestic adoption. In that time she helped close to 400 families navigate the process of adoption and has delivered adoption education at local hospitals, seminars throughout the tri-state area, and several local high schools. She also adopted four children of her own.

In 2021, with her oldest graduating high school, Jenny decided to turn her work at the nonprofit over to her partner and start a landscaping business to pursue another passion of hers - gardening. The move also gives her more time to serve with TMF.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of (this organization) in any way I can be,” said Jenny. “The Manion family, they exude this spirit, just being around them you can feel it. … They give and give and give and never ask for anything in return. It’s truly inspiring.” 


GOLD Level

AmRisc understands the importance of responding to immediate needs in communities. As the leader in underwriting catastrophe and specialty insurance for commercial property, the Houston-based company helps insurance carriers nationwide provide support in times of disaster.

In 2019, AmRisc decided to incorporate community outreach to widen its impact across the country. The effort, led by Corporate Citizenship Director Liz Hayes, SVP, identified three pillars to engage employees through service. In addition to Disaster Recovery, AmRisc decided to focus on Child Welfare and Veteran Prosperity.

“It was our ‘If Not Me, Then Who…’ moment, even before we knew what ‘If Not Me, Then Who…’ meant,” Liz said. “We have a lot of people in our company who are passionate about responding to disasters and connecting with youth, and we have a lot of people who are passionate about caring for service members. We decided to use that as motivation to serve in those three areas. For myself, Veteran Prosperity is a cause especially close to my heart. My son-in-law is a veteran, my sister and her husband are veterans, and my father was a veteran.”

As part of AmRisc’s efforts, employees began volunteering through the Houston Food Bank and Kids Meals Inc., a local organization dedicated to providing free, healthy meals to children in need. At an event in 2021, where volunteers were working to fill food distribution bags, Liz met TMF Veteran Mentor Earl Lundy.

“Earl introduced me to TMF and we began chatting about the Manion WOD, which he was hosting at Combined Arms. I went home and did some research on Travis Manion Foundation,” Liz said. “After I learned about the mission, partnering with TMF just made sense. What the organization does through the Character Does Matter youth mentoring program, pouring back into youth, that crosses into our Child Welfare pillar of community outreach. Plus, since TMF is nationwide, that allows us to share opportunities with all of our employees.”

Since that initial connection, AmRisc has supported an Operation Legacy service project to provide care packages for 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines returning home to Camp Pendleton, CA, from Afghanistan. On Aug. 26, 10 service members from the 2/1, were killed during the airport bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan. AmRisc also provided direct support for 40 families as part of the TMF Afghan Resettlement efforts.

“Our goal at AmRisc as it relates to our Veteran Prosperity is to support the lives of service men and women who defend our freedom,” Liz said. “TMF allows us to do that in a number of different ways, and we’re extremely excited about that. It gets me emotional to think about being able to show up for our service members in this way. We’re looking forward to building our relationship with TMF and continuing to engage our employees nationwide.”

Jim Thorpe Remembrance Ride


When Chuck Hellings and his oldest son, Ryan, created their destination management company - Jim Thorpe Adventures - their goal was simply to engage individuals and families in the Jim Thorpe and Greater Carbon County area of Pennsylvania in outdoor adventures. As interest in the company increased, they decided it was time to give back.

In 2015, through their work with another organization dedicated to helping families of fallen first responders, the Hellings learned about TMF. “Having never served myself, I’m keenly aware of the sacrifices our veteran community makes, so it was a very natural fit for us,” Chuck said.

That year, the family dedicated all proceeds to TMF from their annual Jim Thorpe Remembrance Ride, a 75-mile mountain bike trek held the weekend after Memorial Day. In total, riders and fundraisers raised $1,000 from the ride along the Delaware River and Lehigh Heritage Trail.

“To be honest, we were excited about that,” Chuck said. “We thought $1,000 was pretty good, but since then, we’ve continued to raise more and more. To date, thanks to support from TMF, we’ve given close to $75,000 to the organization.”

Throughout the years, the Jim Thorpe Remembrance Ride has resulted in a lot of memories for Chuck, his family, and all of its participants, as well as numerous opportunities to pay tribute to our nation’s fallen. In 2017, Chuck recalled, on day 2 as riders were approaching the overlook about 100 feet above the Lehigh Valley they came face-to-face with an eagle perched in a nearby tree. As riders passed, the eagle followed the group to a gap in the mountains, circled and then continued on his journey south. To Chuck, it was a great reminder of 1stLt Travis Manion, USMC, and the legacy of courage and honor he left behind.

“Benefiting veteran organizations like TMF, it’s our feeble attempt at paying an unpayable debt,” Chuck said. “I thank my creator and our veterans for every gift of every day that’s bestowed upon me. Memorial Day comes and goes, but a lot of people significantly miss the reason for that holiday. Holding the ride each year the weekend after Memorial Day is our way of commemorating, honoring, and remembering the fallen. We’re so thankful TMF partners with us to do that.”

In 2022, the ride’s most successful year to date, Jim Thorpe Adventures raised $18,300 for TMF. As a tradition, riders carried with them an extra jersey representing the “Fallen Rider.”

“May we always remember those who gave us our freedoms and may we always thank those who pay our debts today,” Chuck said. “We have no idea how uncivil war is - I certainly don’t. We enjoy our sovereignty because of our Armed Forces. They make us who we are.”

For more information about joining Spartan Society, please contact Faith Branch at

Current Members

  • Individuals
    IF NOT ME, THEN WHO…: $1M+ Nicole Fox Jason Jacobs
    Alex & Patricia Gorsky Noreen Victorine Jason Miller
    DIAMOND: $100,000 - $249,999 Pamela and Alan Szabo JB and Jodi Blauvelt
    Tim and Heather Richmond Pamela Omidyar Jeff Baldyga
    TITANIUM: $50,000 - $99,999 Peter Coscia Jeffrey and Ann Hunter
    David and Gail Sheffield Raymond Starzmann Jennifer Warren
    John and Elizabeth Schanz Roger Van Pelt Jessica Chiaruttini
    Paul and Priscilla Connolly Ryan and Melissa Duckwitz Joe and Helen Rubin
    PLATINUM: $20,000 - $49,999 Sabrina McMains Joe Vitiranto
    Brooks and Gregg Brunson-Pitts Sandi Foxx-Jones John and Gayle Mosko
    Croft Young Susan and David Streit John Hogan
    Herb and Mary Frerichs Susan Hanover John Kirby
    Scottie and Marilyn House Thomas and Danielle M Mathis John Maragoudakis
    Sean and Felicia Daly Timothy and RJ Peppe John Petrongolo
    Todd and Elycia Morris Tracy Clifford John Rooney
    EMERALD: $10,000 - $19,999 Wayne Marley John Webber
    Bradley W Robinson Zach Hoffman johnathon zukawski
    Carolyn Belveal BRONZE: $1,000- $2,499 Joseph Ditaranto
    Daniel and Gayle D'Aniello Aarati Martino June Sharman
    David and Kyrsten Bourdon Adam Germinsky Kahlia Sullen
    Donald and Elyse Ryan Adam Lambert Karen and Bill Navarre
    Joe Orlando Alex Plumer and Frank Verducci Karl and Suzanne Salus
    John and Jessie DiNome Amanda Haverkamp Kathleen McDonald
    John Donovan Amanda Johnson Kathleen Pellegrini
    Joseph and Barbara Kesselring Amy Russo Kathryn B Curry
    Lance Drucker Andrew McCloskey Kathy Bugliatta
    Matthew and Kristen Tormenti Andrew Schwind Katy Shuck
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernert Andrew Yarbrough Kelly McClellan
    Richard Wells Andy Laing Kenneth Beatty
    Steven Fountain Angelo Perryman Kevin & Molly Ryan
    Ted and Nora Szydlowski Anhvu Truong Kevin and Diane Hoffmann
    Yeghiche Manoukian Anna Wilt Kevin Volpe
    GOLD: $5,000 - $9,999 Anthony Trainor Kimberly Cooper
    Akbar Arsiwala arthur girton Lance Glover
    Anthony McDevitt August and Maria Fix Laura and Craig Dash
    Brian McCarthy Barbara Mccormick Laura Wozniak
    Bruce and Jane Patterson Bernard DiCasimirro Lawrence Katz
    Bryan Kreger Brad Kasinger Leslie Fisher
    Carlo Pecori Brad Vale Liam Baker
    Chris Kyrus Bradley and Elizabeth Quin Lisa Bloomer
    Ellen Greenwood Brett Adams Louis Cooper
    Evelyn Akers Brian Chontosh Lynn Petolicchio
    GEN Joseph Dunford Brian Glaser Marcus Delgado
    Jacqueline Axilbund Brian McGrath Mariah Murphy and Eric Wlodkowski
    James and Diane Brecker Brian Trainer Marilyn Schaumburg
    James McDermott Bruce and Rhonda Lerner Mark and Kenna French
    John Crowley Camron Mitchell Mark Donaphon
    John Hamel Carol A Ammon Mark Mingey
    John Whang and Helen Chong Carrie OBrien Mark Schupack
    Joseph Heieck Casaundra Sawyer Mary Gardiner
    Joy Feigles Catherine Boyd Mary Hirsch
    Julie Dawson Chiara Smith Mary Pardo
    Justin Menard Chris Russo Matt Howard
    Kace Durbin Chris Spencer and Halee Zielke Megan D'Arcangelo
    Kenny and Jennifer Bauer Chrissy Levesque Michael Amons
    Kevin Flynn Jr. Christine Celi Michael and Debra Mulvey
    Kristy Black Christopher B. Chandor Michael and Denise Moran
    Lee Family Fund Christopher Gronkowski Michael and Kate Owen
    Leslie Weston Christopher Meagher Michael Bopp
    Lizbeth Pagan Christopher Murray Michael Lemon
    Michael and Denise Reilly Christopher Perry Michael Shields
    Michael and Linda Clement Christopher R Rice Michele Hirschmannn
    Michael Gretz Claire Froman Mike Izzo
    Nathaniel Jones Clarice Schillinger Mr and Mrs Michael T Kennedy
    Nathaniel R Cohen Cody Grammer Nancy Moran-lee
    Neal Sheridan Curtis McDonald Nancy Ricci
    Nicholas and Jennifer Bartle Dana Endsley Nancy Rodriguez
    Paul Sheaffer Daniel Bunts Nanette Meyer
    Peter Mckeon Daniel Fields Neil Young
    Robert and Nancy Mitchell Dave and Lisa Persons Nicholas and Kellie Reiland
    Ryan Bredahl Dave Borek & Ryan Manion Nicholas Rein
    Sandra J. Hassett David and Colleen Crossed Nick and Pam Trainer
    Santo Cugliotta David Doherty Nick Hammerschlag
    Stephen Brown david gelman Paul Cameron
    Steve Brady David Hayne Paul Emrick
    Timothy Hughes David Semendinger Paul Manz
    Timothy McDonald David Yadgaroff Peter and Cindy Ziebelman
    Timothy Singletary Denise and Gerard McGinn Peter Miller
    Walter and Majorie Buckley Denise Shaffer R. David Harrison
    SILVER: $2,500 - $4,999 Derek Brown Rachel Coleman
    Adam Seale Diane Soloman Randy Boyer
    Andrea and Ari Lefkovits Dianne and John Stahl Robert and Linda Hargesheimer
    Andrew Turner Donald Ross Robert and Meggan Williams
    Barb and Rich Orr Dorie F Bachman Robert Berlin
    Ben and Laura Archer Edward and Ruth Bednarzyk Robert G Schumaker
    Benno Tamminga Edward Culhane Robert Gaudin
    Blake Yance Edward Enis Robert O Stachura
    Bradley Fessler Edward Mooney Sandy OConnell
    brian rafferty Eileen McDonnell Scott Kim
    Bruce Horowitz Eirene Mathews Sean Lahetta
    Bryan Behrens Elizabeth Lanzone Seth Ehlo
    Carol and Barry Cassidy Emily Gelman Seth Fox
    Clarence Brenan Eric Goldscher Shannon Dennison
    Col. Tom Manion Eric Perakslis Shannon Kelly
    Cris & Deann Valladares Erick and Barbara Fischer Shannon Kualii
    David DeLong Evan Walker Stacy Jones
    Dennis and Lynn Nealon Fenton Fitzpatrick, Jr Stephen M Laake
    Galen Hedlund Francis Ferguson Steven Kimball
    Gary and Helene Mathern Francis Van Kirk susan Campion
    Ian Podbelski Fred Walker Susan Combs and Sean O'Rourke
    J. Andrew Burkins Frederick and Cynthia Pennekamp Susan Olyha
    James Lauckner GEN Daniel Allyn Tara Lee
    Jeff and Bina Fyock GEN Robert and Kate Papak Taylor Bond
    Jeff Cercy George Stratmann Terrence and Molly Fenningham
    Jeff MacDonald Gerald J Manion Terri Tanielian
    Jennifer M Davis Glenn Schweidler Thomas and Judith Newman
    John Gallagher Gregory Call Thomas and Michelle Graziano
    John O'Brien Gregory Cheshire Thomas and Monica Barton
    John Pruitt Gregory Gonzales Thomas Cahill
    Jon Dumas Gregory Yerkes Tiffany Schaible
    Joseph Daley Helen Michelson Timothy and Jane Duffy
    Joseph Griesser Hercules Fence Timothy Broadbent
    Joseph VanHouten Herman and Susan Barb Timothy Brown
    Keith Huckerby J Scott Victor Tobias Assad
    Kevin Manieri J. Andrew Burkins Tony Giglio
    Kevin Traut James & Kim McDonough Tony Morash
    Marian Morton James and Kelly McCusker Torin and Kristine Caverly
    Mark Mattern James Blasko Travis Howard
    Mary Beth and Paul Tramo James Danella Wayne and Susan Montgomery
    Mary Duffy James Manion William and Anna Marie Petersen
    Michael Durniak Jane Rubino William and Joanne Helsey
    Michael Menta Jared Mayer William Borchert
        William Hussa
  • Corporations & Foundations
    IF NOT ME, THEN WHO…: $1M+ Ghost Tequila City of Madisonville
    A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation Good Sports of Wayne, Inc. Community Fdn of N Central Mass/Aubuchon Fdn
    Boeing Company Greco Promotions Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond
    Johnson & Johnson Houston Police Officer's Union Continental Tide Defense Systems, Inc.
    Morel Family Foundation Houston Professional FF's Assoc Charitable Fdn Costa Dentistry
    Tunnels 2 Towers    
    Under Armour Inc. Hovertech International Custom Storage Solutions

    Wounded Warrior Project

    JDT Petroleum Equipment, Inc. Delaware Valley University
    CHARACTER CHAMPION: $250K - $999,999 Jesse J Moorhead Squadron AFROTC Doylestown Schiano, Inc. /Lucatelli's
    The Sheriff Foundation Lincoln Investment Planning EarthRes Group, Inc.
    The USAA Foundation Magic Hat Consulting Eastburn and Gray, P.C.
    DIAMOND: $100,000 - $249,999 McMaster-Carr Supply Company Eastern Athletic Clubs LLC
    Amazon Nike Ed and Fern Hamel Family Foundation, Inc.
    Audacy Northern Virginia Orthodontics Foundation, Inc Emmons Roofing
    FOV Oxley Enterprises Exelon Corporation
    G.I. Johns Penn Color Inc. Fasano Family Foundation
    Starbucks Coffee Company Penn Community Bank Fidelity Investments
    The McCausland Foundation Penn Interactive First United Bank & Trust Company
    The Milbank Foundation Poole and Kent Flanders Field
    Truist Foundation Safelite AutoGlass Foundation Garbarino Family Charitable Fund
    USAA Small Business Insurance SimpleTire, LLC George Shea, LLC
    TITANIUM: $50,000 - $99,999 St Luke's Sports Medicine Giant Store #6442
    AbbVie Inc. Steele Family Foundation Great Valley Advisor Group, Inc.
    Bank of America Corp Stephen J Beers Revocable Trust Green Keepers, Inc.
    Becton Dickinson & Co Stokes Material Handling Systems, Inc. Greg and Tracy Braun
    BLBB Charitable Foundation T. Nash and Gloria M. Broaddus Foundation Gulf South
    Bonnie L Bolding Charitable Foundation TA Realty, LLC Hamilton Hill
    Challenger Foundation Terpsichore Lampros Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop For Guys
    Green Family Foundation The Becket Family Foundation Hilda Marcin Flight 93 Charitable Memorial Fund
    Justamere Foundation The Charles Foundation HMSHost
    Lightening The Load The Dougherty Family Foundation Hoffman's Exterminating Co, Inc.
    Neal C Nichols Family Foundation, Inc The Girouard Family Foundation Home Telecom
    Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company The Metzger Family Foundation Hopkins County Tourist and Convention Commission
    Pep Boys The Taylor Family Foundation Ideal Building Solutions
    Pritzker Military Foundation The USAA Corporation Independence Blue Cross
    TRC Electronics Tides Foundation Indianapolis Airport Authority
    University of Pennsylvania Health System Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP Insperity
    PLATINUM: $20,000 - $49,999 UBS Financial Services, Inc. Jenny's Flowers, LLC
    A1C Partners, LLC VP Family Foundation John and Elizabeth Lane Foundation
    ADM Williams Companies Foundation John Kennedy Ford Mazda
    Amazin' Mets Foundation SILVER: $2,500 - $4,999 John Paton Inc.
    Barstool Sports APS Building Services Joseph and Catherine Bondi Family Foundation
    Black Rifle Coffee Company Armstrong Family Charitable Fund Kampus Klothes
    BP Environmental Services, Inc. Ben's Soft Pretzels Franchising Corp Klover Contracting
    Comcast NBC Universal Big Lots Foundation Krempa Associates Inc.
    Firstrust Bank Bowie Baysox Baseball Club L2 Financial
    Goldman Sachs Gives Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
    Havis, Inc. Burger Construction Light for Levi Foundation
    HITT Contracting, Inc. Burton Restaurants, LLC Livingston Street Capital
    Hunt Heroes Foundation C & L Billington Family Foundation M. Dobron & Sons, Inc.
    IKEA North America Comegys Bight Charitable Foundation Main Line Armory
    Kenvue Cooney Technologies Marine Recruiting Station
    Luzzi Family Charitable Fund Cooper Mechanical, Inc. Marvic Supply Company, Inc.
    Medline Industries Cooper Steel Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall
    Oberweiler Foundation Doylestown Health Foundation McCaffrey's Food Market
    Philly Chevrolet LMA c/o Agency 720 Electrolit - CAB Enterprises, Inc. McCausland Lock Service
    Pronio's Market Ernest Bock and Sons, Inc. Merchant's Fleet
    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Evergreen Waste Services, LLC Michalka Family Charitable Fund
    RTI International Excellis Health Solutions LLC Montchanin Center for Periodontics, LLC
    Squires Golf Club Extreme Steel Mopar Heritage Car Club
    Stand Together Foundation Hudson Group Nardone Family Charitable Fund
    The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Fund International Union of Painters and Allied Trades National Coatings, Inc.
    United States Naval Academy Jeg-Fit Univ & Extension Partners, LLC Newtown Athletic Club
    USS Midway Museum KeystonePlanetFitness/NTL Fitness Partners NY University - The Stern Community
    EMERALD: $10,000 - $19,999 KPMG, LLP Ole South Properties
    Archdiocese of Philadelphia Leidos Optimized Insurance Planning
    Barney Family Foundation Liberty Coke Paragon Wealth Management
    Charles and Joan Hermanowski Family Foundation Menard Premium Detailing Parker Izmailova Family Fund
    Constellation Brands, Inc. Monster Tree Service Parx Casino
    Costco Wholesale Mossy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Peak Behavioral Health Services
    Crown Auto Logistics Inc. Mulhern & Kulp Structural Engineering, Inc. Penn Beer Distributors, Inc.
    DAV Charitable Service Trust Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Penn Del Jersey Chapter of the National Electrical Contract Assoc.
    Deloitte, LLC National Electrical Contractors Association Penyak Travel Company
    Enterprise Holdings Foundation North Texas Charitable Foundation Pepcid
    Fifth Generation Inc. Nucor Steel - Berkeley Perry Homes Foundation
    Foundations Community Partnership Orion Group Holdings Piping Alloys
    Graphite GTC Palo Alto Networks Foundation Planet Fitness - Jamison
    Grinds LLC Penn Stainless Products, Inc. Providence Engineering
    Hormel Foods Pittsburgh Pirates Rieck Family Charitable Fund
    Hoxie Harrison Smith Foundation Poretta & Orr, Inc. Road Runner Sports
    Jocko Fuel Raymond James and Associates Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Lazard Freres & Co., LLC REV Sabel Systems
    LMCC of the IBEW 98/NECA Rockwood Wealth Management Sentinel Process Systems, Inc.
    Luke Evnin and Deanna Wright Fund Securus Technologies, LLC Sold by Starkey
    Mgmt Data Systems International, Inc. SERVPRO of Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties Sparta Middle School
    Middle Tennessee Electric Sharp Accounting & Tax, LLC SPECTRUM METALS
    Mike and Robin Yeager Charitable Fund Silver Eagle Distributors Synter Resource Group, LLC
    MITER Foundation Simtech Industrial Products, Inc. Tague Lumber
    Moss Adams Somerset Capital Group Ltd. Talos Production, Inc.
    Movers Specialty Service, Inc. STV, Inc. The Abstract Company
    National Retail Systems, Inc. The Haverford Trust Company The Anderson Company, LLC
    NFL Players Association The Morrison & Foerster Foundation The Berg Corporation
    Pepsi Tippins Foundation The Conrad Company/PennAir
    PNC Foundation Toyota of Tampa Bay The Giant Company
    REE Medical, LLC United Energy Trading, LLC The Grand Hotel of Cape May
    Ron & Joy Feigles Charitable Fund Virginia Department of Veterans Services The Heck Foundation
    Steven A and Gloria E Ellers BRONZE: $1,000- $2,499 The i3Cares Foundation
    The Brennan Family Foundation Addesso MGW The James 127 Fund
    The Carlyle Group All Saints Episcopal Church The John Lehman Fund
    The Fann Family Foundation Allison Transmission The Malmark Bells, Inc. Fund
    The Frank Carroll Trust American Legion Post 93 The McPoyle Family Fund
    The Gift of Hope Foundation Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. The Michael J Donahue Family Charitable Fund
    The Wawa Foundation Inc. Anderson Mechanical Corp The O'Brien Family Fund
    TowerCares Foundation Arena Maintenance Solutions The Sonya and Chris Aycock Giving Fund
    Truist Austin Community College Theodore A Kienstra Foundation
    United PF Management, LLC Austintown Financial Center Thompson Construction Group. Inc.
    Virginians for Veterans B & B Beverages, Inc. THRYV, Inc.
    Volvo Cars Annapolis B&S Site Development, LLC Tim Kerr Charities, Inc.
    GOLD: $5,000 - $9,999 Battlefield Post 9808 - Veterans of Foreign Wars Tire World
    American Legion Cherry Hill Post 372 Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehab Ultimate Kronos Group - UKG
    AmRisc Group Benchmark Utility Services Union Horse Company
    ARCOSA Binswanger Management Corp Union League Philadelphia
    Bank Independent Black Box Management, LLC Valley Coatings, LLC
    Barracks Road, Inc./Streetlight Taco Braden Bailess Foundation VFW 7464
    BGDG Foundation Bruce C. Hargus Family Foundation WOLK FOUNDATION
    Bill and Sue Federici Carolyn Cross Charitable Foundation WWS Physical Therapy, Inc.
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Charleston Bath Experts Zenith National Insurance Corp
    Cliffwater Charleston Radio Group IN-KIND: $25K+
    CSX Transportation Chick-Fil-A Oxford Valley Rd American Airlines
    David Weekley Homes Chickie's & Pete's Poretta & Orr, Inc.
    Doli Construction Corporation Christian Community Foundation VIZI
    Emergent Devices, Inc. City Building and Engineering Services  
  • Independent Fundraising Events
    DIAMOND: $100,000 - $249,999 GOLD: $5,000 - $9,999 BRONZE: $1,000- $2,499
    2024 Radiothon Lincoln Investment 16th SAME Annual Boat Cruise Fundraiser
    TITANIUM: $50,000 - $99,999 Outset Medical Ashley DeLauro  1/2 Marathon in Westerly, RI 
    FOV Golf Outing Birds at the Bye Week  Colby Ricci IF- Grand Traverse
    PLATINUM: $20,000 - $49,999 Everyday Heroes Campaign  Eastlake Dedication honoring Capt Gregory Ratzlaff
    MDSI Golf Tournament  Grinds Veterans Day Fundraiser  Jennifer Hickey IF- Boston Marathon
    2024 Frozen Frogman SILVER: $2,500 - $4,999 Kicks for Kids - January
    Mattalina Wine Mixer Cornhole for a Cause  Liberty Hill golf cannon 
    Walk in their Honor Kicks for Kids - October  Neighborhood Fundraiser
    EMERALD: $10,000 - $19,999 Phila Area Chevrolet Kicks for Kids Polar Plunge 
    Jim Thorpe Remembrance Ride Kicks for Kids - January Union Horse Co Annual Meeting Fundraiser
    Island Man Bowie BaySox  
    Landsale Catholic  Alan Mangan  
    3rd Annual Finra 4th of July 5k Ian Book Fundraiser   
    The Lu Beach workout   
    JNJ Golf Outing  National Electrical Contractors Assoc  
      Kicks for Kids - February  
      Kicks for Kids - August   
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