Morgan was a spunky, fun loving kid whose smile and laugh had a way of tugging at your heart strings and never letting go! She grew into a beautiful, caring, young woman who wanted so much to serve her country in some capacity.

She was able to fulfill this dream when she was offered an Appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy after graduating from Weddington High School. While at Weddington High School, Morgan was an elite Cross Country and Mid Distance runner; making the North Carolina All State Girls Cross Country Team her Freshman and Sophomore years, and was part of the North Carolina 4x4 State Championship Team her Senior year. Her athletic abilities caught the eye of the Cross Country and Track Coach at the Academy. One of her most exciting days was when she received the call from Coach Ethan Brown that she had been accepted to the Academy. She ran Cross Country and Track her 4th Class Year at the Academy. Unfortunately, due to an injury she hung up her track shoes. This did allow her to then spend more time moving toward future goals she had set for herself.

Going to Flight School in Pensacola, Florida was the goal Morgan set for herself when she started at the Academy. She wanted to fly C-130s for the United States Coast Guard. She worked very hard to achieve this goal and on “Billet Night” in March of 2019, her first assignment after graduation was Flight School, Pensacola, Florida. I don’t think I had ever seen her so elated.
Morgan was a devoted friend, daughter, and Christian. She was the kind of person who would walk through fire for the people she loved. She had a passion and drive to help and lift up people in need. She stood up for others even when at times that wasn’t always the popular choice! She was someone you always wanted on your team. She would work hard, hold herself accountable, and she expected the same from her teammates.

BUT, she also had a great time. That smile and laugh of hers was seen and heard quite often. When she walked into a room, it was as if the energy was amplified. She always tried to include everyone. Her love for people grew from her love for Christ. She was not afraid to share him with others.
Morgan’s spirit lives on in all who knew her and I hope will live on through all of you who learn about her and get to know her. 

Character Strength Stories: Morgan had a zest for life and people. One day when she was in Middle School, one of her fellow classmates was leaving early that afternoon to participate in the local Special Olympics. Morgan was not able to attend, but she wanted to give this student a send off. She went to her teacher and several others to see if they would let the students form a human tunnel for this student to run through on the way to the bus while they all cheered. So they did and totally made this student’s day!

Her senior year in high school, there was a brand new student in school that was on the Cross Country team. One day at lunch, Morgan saw this student sitting alone in the lunch room. Morgan went and sat with her and they ate lunch together. They became good friends.

Running cross country, she always finished normally top 10 or very close. When she had finished, and caught her breath, she would circle back through the crowd and go cheer her teammates on that were finishing later. She always made them feel as special as if they had finished first. They were a team, they were all very important.

When she went to Pensacola for Flight School, she didn’t start right away, so she had some free time on her hands. Yes, she went to the beach with her friends, but, even that gets a little old for 20 something year old's. So, she went to a Retirement Home and volunteered to be an Assistant Social Director. She hosted bingo nights and threw a Halloween Party for them. She was particularly close to four elderly ladies who had lost their husbands. Each one of them tried to fix her up with their grandsons. She had a blast. She loved them and they loved her.

-Submitted by Jennifer, Surviving Mother

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