Godfrey Howard was a father, husband, and patriot. He served in the US Navy on PT boats in WWII and was recalled to active duty during the Korean war. He was a successful businessman and always put his family first.

Character Strength Stories:

Leadership -Ā Godfrey was a true hero, and, like many of his generation, was humble about his accomplishments. As a dad, he always led by example. Even when I was very young, he let me drive his boat frequently. One day, as we approached the dock, he didnā€™t take over the wheel as he normally did. I looked back at him questioninglyā€”and likely with a bit of panicā€”but he just nodded back at me. I'd seen him dock the boat enough times that I was able to do it successfully. And he knew that I would. That time, like so many other times in my life through this day, the quiet power of his example is loud and clear.

-Submitted by Matt, Surviving Son


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