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SGT. Leevon J. Ritter died on May 22nd 2012. Leevon was a man that chose to be an everyday hero, by being a great leader, friend and positive person. Leevon is remembered for many great attributes including is exemplary kindness.

When he met his best friend’s new dogs for the first time he left and came back with toys and dishes and things for them because he loved his friends and he loved dogs. When the same best friend, Alex, was expecting their first child and they didn't have a car for Alex to go back and forth to work so Leevon went out and found an old (very old and cheap) car for them so Alex had a way to get to work. Alex said to him "you can't do that man" and Leevon's response was "you have to be able to take care of your family".  His softball team says he was the most positive influence on the team no matter what was happening he was always encouraging and positive in order to help everyone do their best and be their best. One battle buddy says he was strong and always encouraging and when he made SGT it was a great day because he was a great leader. 


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