Navy SEAL Adam Olin Smith was killed on September 21, 2010 in a helicopter crash in Zabul Province, Afghanistan. Adam was from Bevier, MO and joined the Navy in 2005 to become a SEAL. After successfully completing SEAL training, Adam was assigned to SEAL Team FOUR, where he excelled as a special warfare operator, sniper, and team leader making deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. “Adam was a loyal friend and a damn good SEAL; he was the first guy you wanted on your team in combat. He put the code of the brotherhood above everything else, and every SEAL he worked with is proud to call him a brother,” said Judson Kauffman, Adam’s former teammate, instructor, and dear friend. Other teammates and friends stated that as a SEAL, “Adam embodied the true “quiet professional” and what it really means to be a teammate. His skills as a SEAL were unquestionable, but what defined Adam went much deeper. It was not one specific aspect but a combination of so many qualities that we all strive to have. Adam’s constant drive to excel, learn, and improve upon the status quo was only over shadowed by his dedication to his teammates. Going to war with Adam will always be one of the greatest honors of my life.” “Adam embodied the most valued Team Guy attribute…Loyalty to teammates. There was no question that he would be there for anyone of his teammates anytime no matter the circumstances. It truly was an honor being his teammate, and looking back on my time spent with Adam, it’s amazing what he taught all of us about what it takes to be a loyal team guy and friend.” Others gave similar quotes stating Adam was an absolute competitor with a perpetual positive attitude. Adam was very athletic and enjoyed playing numerous sports and spending quality time with his family and friends. Military service runs in the family as Adam also served in Iraq with his brother Andrew and two of his cousins.

SO2 Adam Olin Smith is survived by his long term girlfriend Charlotte Ange, parents and their spouses, as well as his seven sisters and three brothers.

In 2013, Charlotte participated in the Travis Manion Foundation’s Survivor Summit Expedition in Granby, Colorado. Charlotte and twelve other surviving wives, fiancés and girlfriends carried on the legacy of their fallen hero as they experienced the healing power of the mountains. Charlotte did also attend the 2014 Survivor Summit Expedition in Lima, Peru in July in honor of Adam.

Adam’s service and sacrifice are honored by his mom and two sisters during the Travis Manion Foundation Kentucky Expedition and West Virginia Expedition. During these Expeditions they served military veterans and their families in these Appalachia regions.

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