Steve served more than 20 years in the Air Force and was a flight engineer on the C-130 for AFSOC. He loved and took pride in what he did for the military. He never took a day for granted and knew what serving meant and the ultimate cost of freedom that comes with living in the USA. 

He was the father of two girls, who were the apple of his eye. He would even take them to get their nails done. He had a zest for life and would light up the room with his cackle. He was a very enthusiastic Florida Gator fan and loved his Atlanta Braves dearly. He enjoyed grilling and a nice cold beer – he even became a brewmaster, helping at local breweries and then tackling his own brewing at home. He even tried brewing “root beer,” so his little girls had a cool keg at home for their afternoon beverage. 

He made life fun and, in his 39 short years on earth, had a tremendous impact on those who knew him.

Character Strength Stories:

Gratitude - My dad always was grateful for life and enjoyed bringing humor into the mix. I remember as a kid, and especially as a teenager, anytime a stranger would ask him how he was doing (like the cashier at a checkout) he would reply, "I am doing great—I am six feet above the ground!" It brings a smile to my face now, but as a teenage girl, it mortified me in the moment. Today, I respect his outlook on life and now understand his perspective with his service in the military.

-Submitted by Tegan, Surviving Daughter



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