2020 Operation Legacy - Spring

Event Recap

Spartans stepped up in spring 2020 to serve at a time of unprecedented need as COVID-19 changed lives across the country. Our community saw thousands out of work, students homebound, events and celebrations canceled, and uncertainty nationwide. While this Spring Operation Legacy season presented new challenges, surviving families, veteran service members, first responders, and inspired citizens alike answered the call to Serve-in-Place and asked themselves, “If Not Me, Then Who…”

In Southern California, two Gold Star Spouses, Theresa and Sarah, recruited local Coronado High School students to help gather and deliver items to residents in a local nursing home in addition to food donations for the staff of essential workers that keep the residents safe. In Austin, Kris, an Army veteran and CDM Mentor took it upon himself to bring his food truck around to local hospitals and provide meals for healthcare workers, saying, “They are putting their lives on the line and working extensive hours with no thought of where or when their next meal is going to come. I'm just doing a small part. We are all in this together.” 

A high school student and avid sewer, Megan, created and sold masks, and then donated half of her sales to fund essential TMF programs that empower youth and families of fallen heroes. In Chicago, local Spartans saw a rise in food insecurity after a local food bank closed. Together with other local community VSOs, they gathered and distributed food donations to the community on several occasions throughout the Operation Legacy season and plan to continue as long as there is a need.

Spartans found a way to come together over 2,000 hours to participate in nearly 100 TMF Operation Legacy projects and honor fallen heroes that have gone before them.


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