Bruce was a man of Honor and Justice. He fought for those he loved and for his beliefs. He put others before himself, always. He was a friend, a mentor, a leader. His laugh was contagious and he made the world he lived in better every single day. His legacy is lived by everyone he ever touched as he made us better and continues to do so as we strive to honor his life. 

Character Strength Story:

LEADERSHIP - Bruce was someone people looked up to. He understood that being a leader meant doing the hard work with others and leading by example. You never saw him on the sidelines but rather in the middle of the work and that is why people followed him. 

LOVE OF LEARNING - Bruce was always eager to learn—how to be a better soldier, a better friend, a better cook, a better gamer. His interests were infinite because he never got bored of learning. He found the world and cosmos around him amusing and wanted to devour all knowledge it had to offer. We would often lay in bed at 3 in the morning talking about physics, how to cook a better steak, God, or simply his new discovery. His hunger for knowledge was one of his most admired characteristics. 

BRAVERYWhen 9/11 happened, Bruce was just a child. At 12 years old, he grabbed his best friend, his camo and pellet gun, and announced he was going to go fight the terrorists. It wasn’t a game to him, he knew our country needed brave people to defend it and he was willing to do so since childhood.

—Submitted by Stephany, Surviving Wife


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