A phenomenal man in every way, Lam Hoang Le changed lives with his genuine spirit, humor and optimism.  Lam was never the kind of guy you could easily discourage or hold down. As early as eight months, Lam took his first steps and the natural little athlete was running around by his first birthday. In elementary, he played basketball every day in hopes to grow tall and be a star, but he didn’t realize his calling to be a star would be in a different, more impactful way.

Always an honor student and athlete, Lam got along well with everyone and graduated from high school as the top male of his graduating class and a distinguished member of the National Honor Society.  A true leader in everything he pursued, he was captain of the Cross Country Team and led his team to victory by overthrowing the reigning County Champions, setting forth a new era of wins.  Senior year he was awarded Most Athletic by all his peers.

Le has always wanted to do more and be better. Forgoing the traditional route of pursuing higher education through college, Lam wanted to protect his country.  He enlisted with the United States Marine Corps the summer of 2008 and was stationed at Camp Pendleton. Working diligently to make the most out of his career, he was promoted meritoriously to Corporal by his second served year.

A few weeks prior to deployment, Le was diagnosed with Bone Cancer and removed off the list.  That was the beginning of the hardest battle he would ever have, the fight for his life.  But no matter how grim the test results or scans seemed to be, Le made up his mind he was going to live his life the way he wanted with the unknown amount of time he would be granted.

He didn’t let anything hold him back…not the continuous treatments that began in 2010, not the amputation of his left leg, not the fact that he had to lose half of his lung & definitely not the fact that the cancer had spread and there was no known chemotherapy that could help him out directly.  He knew he would be called home to Heaven sooner rather than later, yet he chose to live and make the most out of every second of every single day.  Negativity was never a part of his routine, and he truly lived out his favorite bible verse Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.   Ultimately, bone cancer never won…Lam Le lived and continues to live on.

While Lam has accomplished many amazing feats in his 24 years, there are a few key items that stand out. In 2010, Lam married his high school sweetheart, Holly Anne Macaranas, whom he met in 6th grade at just 12 years old. Their relationship was built on a friendship of trust that has always been evident in everything he did. He even jumped out of a perfectly working airplane in a tuxedo for their 3 year anniversary.

Among other things, he was a true champ in many aspects both on and off the courts and even won San Diego’s inaugural Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp Tournament. Being the type of man who was always willing to step up and fill a need, he travelled to compete and represent the Military Racquetball Federation (MRF) whenever needed.

Lam’s wife, Holly Anne, honored her husband’s service during the 2015 Survivor’s Summit.

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