Benjamin always wanted to join the military as a young child and would walk around at the age of two saying, "I army man!" I have many early drawings of his, showing him in service wearing fatigues and shooting a gun. His grandmother purchased a full set of military fatigues for him from the PX and it was his favorite set of play clothes, along with his BB gun. He later went on to earn an expert badge with the 9mm along with the National Defense Medal and Global War on Terror.

As a freshman in high school, Ben joined the JROTC and upon completing four years, he graduated and joined the US Navy. He graduated 2nd in his class from "A" school in the Great Lakes and was then stationed aboard the USS Pearl Harbor LSD 52 in San Diego, CA. I am so proud of him for attaining his lifelong dream of serving.

Benjamin passed away in a motorcycle accident near base on February 6, 2019.

Character Strength Story:

ZEST- Ben's zest for life was always evident as he was in constant motion. There was always something new he was trying to master or accomplish. I was most impressed with his downhill skateboarding skills in the mountains of Puerto Rico. I would often follow him in the car to "clock" how quickly he could fly down those mountain curves. When we reached the bottom his first question would be, "how fast did I go Mom?" He would practice and practice to gain speed and form. 

LOVE OF LEARNING - Ben always had a love of learning new things and would work at it until he mastered the skill. Anything with wheels caught and kept his attention. It could be anything from Heelys, Big Wheels, bicycles, skateboards, downhill skateboards, motorcycles and of course trucks. He could take anything apart, repair it, and put it back together better than before. He was always happiest with grease or paint under his fingernails.

HUMOR - Ben had a wonderful sense of humor and April 1st was one of his favorite days of the year. I never knew what to expect from him that day. One year he taped my car keys to the ceiling and when I couldn't find them he simply replied, "Look up, Mom" with a big smile on his face. Or he would tape the sprayer nozzle open on the kitchen sink so first thing in the morning you would get a shower in the kitchen. You knew to be on your toes each April first!

—Submitted by Lisa, Surviving Mother


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