BU3 Jason Derosier died on January 11th 2015. Jason was one of the kindest, most selfless people you could ever meet. He loved his children and family more than anything. He was funny and knew how to make children smile and laugh every time! Jason is remembered by his primary character strength of love.

When Jason said he would help his future wife move 2400 miles from Milwaukee, WI to Tacoma, WA; she was speechless. She couldn't imagine someone to be so selfless as to pick up his entire life to help a friend. They were good friends in 2006, he had asked her out the summer before but she had declined. She valued their friendship, and was afraid that if dating didn't work out, they would lose it. So they remained just friends after that and when it came time for her to move 2400 miles away to transfer her job and start a new life for herself and her daughter, he didn't hesitate to offer to help drive the moving truck, and stay with them until she found a good daycare for her daughter. He knew this would be a challenge for her when they got out there. So he offered to stay as long as she needed until she found the right fit. Then his plan was to join the Navy. About halfway across the country she realized this man was the love she had been waiting for, for herself and her daughter.


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