My father was a very influential, loving, caring, nurturing, adventurous young man. He served as a quartermaster and chemical equipment repairman in the Group Support Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group. He was always the shining light in the room who would include every soul without hesitation, no judgment, and with the utmost love to give. My greatest memories with him are the bike rides, adventures to the park, giggles, figurative games, and the love we shared for my mom and youngest brother. My father was selfless and truly a giving man who appreciated every connection that he ever made. My father was a family man who never left a soul behind, and even though that characteristic is truly what led to his death. I know he would not have made any other alternative decision, because he loved every human being that he encountered, not only within his family, but the soldiers that he led.

Character Strength Story:

BRAVERYThis story comes from one of my father’s soldiers who told me he was under attack and was getting very frustrated and scared. He called for my father to administer a rescue mission, and my father quickly came with no hesitation, which ultimately led to his death. The soldier expressed deep sorrow for the loss of my father, but said that he was so brave and so strong and so resilient, he was a true hero. 

PERSEVERANCE - My father embodied the characteristic of strength as he carried his family on his back as he immigrated from Cape Verde to America, being the only person in his family, to carry a dictionary around, trying to communicate with Americans as they were in the airport and didn’t understand many signs and structures which indicated where they should go. My family received so much strength and love from my father

—Submitted by Nazeraeh, Surviving Daughter

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