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Jeremy was a man who could take your worst hour and make it your most triumphant. Jeremy was born on August 11, 1994. He grew up in Unionville, TN and graduated from Community High School where he met his high-school sweetheart Jessica James. He felt very passionate about serving his country and made the decision to join right out of high school. In May of 2013 we got married, a few weeks later he shipped out to his first duty station Katterbach, Germany; becoming the first in his family to go abroad. In July of 2015 our time in Germany was done and it was time for a new adventure...Fort Belvoir, Virginia. We lived there until Jeremy was taken from this world in a black hawk training accident on April 17, 2017.


Character Strength Story: My favorite story is the one about my fish Rapunzel. I had gone back to Tennessee to visit my family for a few weeks. The only job I left for my husband was to feed the fish and clean her bowl. After a week or so I called to check in with him and asked about Rapunzel. Jeremy excitedly said , "honey I saved Rapunzel's life!" Preface this with the fact that Rapunzel had a tumor on her chin, if a fish has one of those. He continues the story of his heroics by telling me that he cured her and popped her tumor. I began asking how and he hesitated...and then began telling me the real story. He told me that it wasn't his fault, it was an accident. He had put her in a red solo cup while he was cleaning out her bowl. He turned around and Rapunzel pulled a Houdini act and jumped out of the cup falling about four feet off the counter onto her tumor and popping it. He really knew how to make you smile, even when he was telling you about his mistake.               -Submitted by Jessica, Jeremy's Wife

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