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Matt served in the Army right out of High School. He was a Military Policeman stationed at Ft. Devins, MA and Panama. In Panama, he did private security detail for the General, right after Operation Just Cause. In 2009, he was diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease. ALS is a fatal disease, and even with a death sentence, Matt continued to serve his community as an ALS advocate, opening his home to other ALS Patients, advocating on the behalf of those who could advocate for themselves, and raising awareness for the disease.  While Matt didn't pass away during his military service, he passed away because of it.

Character Strength Stories:

Humor - "Matt was known at the ALS clinic for his humor. He would always wear a funny shirt, crack jokes with the various therapists and medical professionals, and would always make fun of his disease. Because of his humor, he was a terrific leader. He organized groups of people for an ALS walk, he was always bringing people together for various reasons, was a leader on and off the field growing up, and everyone in the patient community looked up to him."

-Submitted by Jackie, Surviving Wife

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