Daniel was killed on August 3rd 2012, Daniel will be remembered for many things and by many people. He lived his life with such great character and is remembered through numerous stories that his family and friends share. The character strengths that were most prevalent in Daniel's life were love, fairness and humor.Ā 

Daniel loved his kids and wife more than anything. He would much rather stay home and hang out with them than out with friends. He was so proud of his kids and would often say they are "the new and improved Fernandez's".Ā Fairness is one of the traits that stands out the most. He often said "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to do a job." There was no denying he was about getting things done correctly the first time. No matter who you were he expected you to do what you were supposed to do, without excuses.Ā Daniel was always making jokes, they weren't always funny, but he would make himself laugh before getting the whole thing out, watching him find humor in things was enlightening. He also had nicknames for so many people!

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