Joe was born and raised in Rehoboth Beach, DE. He joined the Army in 1991 and served multiple deployments with the US Army. Joe was very proud of his military career, a born leader. Joe and I met while he was stationed in Germany, and we were blessed with two handsome boys that he loved with his entire heart. They were his pride and joy.

Joe lived life to the fullest. He had so much joy and always found ways to cheer everyone up, lend a helping hand, advise, or just have coffee with his brothers-in-arms. He was an avid sportsman, especially his passion for basketball. He was an amazing husband, a loving and dedicated father to our boys, and a big family man with lots of nieces and nephews who looked up to him.

Joe loved the Army and his country and was proud to be a Soldier! He was a godly man, and his greatest love was his family.

Character Strength Story:

HUMOR - Joe was a jokester and knew how to make people laugh and make anyone feel comfortable in difficulty or awkward situations. Something I remember very vividly is, whenever I was mad or frustrated the first thing Joe would say is "Jesus loves you" and the way he said it always brought such a smile on my face that I couldn't be mad anymore.

LEADERSHIP - Joe's motto was "Be a Leader, not a Follower". He always made sure his soldiers were squared away and he would motivate and guide them to achieve their best.

LOVE - The love that Joe had for his boys, myself and his entire family is a love I have never experienced before. No matter of any wrongdoings, Joe loved and cared for each and all of us with his entire heart. Saying "I love you" was not part of my upbringing but through Joe I have learned that saying those three words expresses so much affection, care and a deep emotional connection.

—Submitted by Monika, Surviving Wife


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