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SSG Marc J. Small died on February 12th 2009. Marc was a quiet, engaging, and magnetic personality who had many acquaintances and close friends; they were all attracted by his strength, bravery, and character. Two strengths in his character were compassion, and his outstanding curiosity. 

When Marc was 12, the internet was still in the early stages. Programs were beginning to develop for education and training. Marc, always curious, explored and found a program that taught how to perform an appendectomy. The routine was such that steps were to be followed, and a mistake resulted in an online patient death. Marc did the procedure over 100 times, and then he was finally successful; the online patient recovered. His interest in precision and art led to mastery. 

Marc was one in a million. His love for learning and reading literature especially old poems from poets and bringing them into his days while we were together was something he would often do. Marc was his own explorer. He loved going on hikes and finding something as small as a stone and bringing it home as a memory from his day and later talking about that stone to demonstrate his experiences. Marc would often be the last to speak as he would listen to everyone else's perspectives then speak as he would actively listen then join into a conversation.

Marc's career as a Medic for his Special Forces group demonstrates his bravery. He loved to learn and his bravery to step forward for his country and protect his family, friends and loved ones is a testimony to the person he was. His smile was contagious as that is what so many people remember and say, "He was always smiling". Marc would start a project and would not stop until it was completed. Marc was "Mr. Fix it" as if there was something that someone else might not be able to fix, Marc would research, look at it in a different way, put his mind to the task and next thing you know, it was fixed.

Marc was never boastful. His loved ones remember being so proud of his accomplishments, however Marc would never tell anyone of what he did for a living as a Green Beret. As they call them, the "Quiet Professionals" that could perfectly describe Marc Small. He was a professional and quiet about what he did for a living.

Marc was a special person. He was brilliant in his mind set, emotional when he would hear the national anthem or during an event that would bring out those emotions, and would pull back when he knew it was time to listen and not react.

Marc would tell a story, and the entire room would be captivated in his story. His humor and reactions to tell a story would have people he didn't even know holding their stomachs from laughter. He literally would light up a room and that is truly missed.

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