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3 Reasons Why This Radio Giant Supports Veterans

spartan story Kenny Paul

The Travis Manion Foundation has been proud to partner with CBS Radio for several years in the Philadelphia Region. We recently sat down with CBS Radio Integrated Marketing Director Kenny Paul, to discuss the relationship with TMF:


1. Tell us about how you became involved with TMF

In 2011, we were 6 months out from the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and I wanted to investigate getting involved with the community.  I met with TMF’s founder, Janet Manion, and during our meeting, I realized that she was a very special person, with a focused and important mission.

To partner with a foundation, built on the character of a heroic local Marine, that supports local first responders, local returning veterans, families of the fallen and inspires our youth in high schools, the question was:  “How could we not be involved?”

2. Why is it important for a company like CBS RADIO Philadelphia to work with veterans and families of the fallen?

When reflecting on the “If Not Me, Then Who…” movement, the words “service,” “accountability,” “leadership” and “passion” come to mind.  I believe that our veterans are our greatest leaders.  That notion is becoming a national narrative, but you can’t really know it until you actually work with veterans.  You always hope to engage with the leaders of your community, so it’s really valuable for CBS to partner with TMF to do just that.

At CBS, we’re out in front, delivering valued content to our on-air and online listeners.  KYW News Radio is the region’s most trusted news brand, for good reason.  Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and Sports Radio 94 WIP serve as the city’s water cooler for the election and sports respectively. Our all live-and-local music stations 92.5 WXTU, 98.1 WOGL & 96.5 AMP Radio make commutes for millions, a happier one. TMF is serving communities, and so is CBS radio. I’m proud of the work we can do together.

We know that less than 1% of the country serves in active duty. TMF opens doors to the majority of us that haven’t served.  To meet a Gold Star family member and to hear their story of that loved one, is to really begin to understand today’s wars and the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom.

3. How have you seen the community benefit from the partnership between CBS RADIO Philadelphia and TMF?

It’s really incredible how quickly the Foundation is expanding.  We’ve seen the community benefit in so many ways.  I know our support has contributed to the Foundation bringing more employees on board.  When 20% of those employees are survivors and you were able to play some role in that, that’s pretty powerful.

We want to continue to raise more and more awareness and inspire our partners to engage with TMF’s programs.  The more people that we can introduce to veterans and families of the fallen through TMF, the more our communities will come together and serve.

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