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Bob Craven

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My role model is Capt. Scott E. Craven, my son (USAFA ’02, Embry-Riddle Univ ’06). As much as I admired and respected Scott, I don’t think I really understood his life until after his passing in 2006.


I believe that, generally, we rarely know all that a person does until they are gone.

You then hear of the acts of kindness, positive influence and encouragement, from family, friends, colleagues and sometimes strangers.

I was aware that Scott was a mentor volunteer at a local elementary school trying to help the kindergarten-aged children deal with the stresses of their military parents being deployed. What I didn’t know until later, however, was how involved he became in it. One of the other volunteers had been transferred, so Scott stepped up volunteering to mentor that child also, effectively doubling his time, commitment and responsibility. He also was trying to expand the program, having set up an appointment with the base commander in hopes of creating more interest. That appointment never happened due to his passing.


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The question has been asked about any legacy that I might leave behind. I would like to believe that folks, including family, would think of me as living a life with honesty, respect, dedication and helping others help themselves.

I think all adults are role models, whether they want to be or not. Their choice is whether that image is positive or negative. And they are role models is to everyone, not just the young.


About the Author: Bob Craven

Bob carries on the legacy of his son, by sharing Scott’s spirit of generosity with the next generation of leaders. Bob serves as a TMF Ambassador for the Character Does Matter program, visiting local youth at schools and sharing personal stories about his son and the values he stood for.Bob also participates in TMF Expeditions to honor his son and volunteers his talent as a photographer for TMF events and service projects.


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