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Honoring Veterans This November and Every Day

How often do we have chance encounters with American heroes, unaware of their service and sacrifice? Every day we walk among them. These hometown heroes come from every walk of life, every ethnicity, every faith, every economic class, and culture. They are from every community across our great country. 

Travis Manion Foundation believes veterans are the greatest civic assets our nation has to offer and we take Veterans Day and the month of November to reflect on what they mean to us.

The common thread in the uncommon bond of all service is selflessness. It drives the instinct to get involved for no other reason than it’s the honorable and right thing to do. They returned home from service in uniform to serve their communities in other capacities: coaching, mentoring, leading. As veterans, these service members now share the same sense of brotherhood and unity with their communities they once shared with their brothers and sisters in arms: putting others first, forging bonds that can never be broken. Others emulate and follow the positive example they set and in doing so, honor them.

The core values of TMF and the fiber of our character are a direct result of that example. That’s why we invest in them year after year, offering personal development programs, community-building events, and most importantly, the opportunity for veterans to continue their service by leading the next generation. 

On Veterans Day especially, we remember to look to our nation’s veterans as role models in times of need. We work together towards the goal of increasing the numbers of veterans and families of the fallen in our community who report a greater sense of purpose and improved relationships. The work we all do is critical to their success in post-military life.


Your donation has a direct impact on these goals. Please donate through the link below and share our video to honor the veterans all around us.

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