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Ron and Joy Feigles

ron and joy feigles

Giving to the Travis Manion Foundation transforms the lives of veterans, families of the fallen and helps create the next generation of leaders. These Spartan Society profiles highlight the experiences that prompt people to give to the Travis Manion Foundation as well as the tangible impact of their generosity.


Ron and Joy Feigles


Q: What inspires you to give to the Travis Manion Foundation and why?

A: We are inspired by the willingness of our service members to give their time, talent, and lives to defend our liberties. The stories we hear from veterans and survivors about how greatly their lives have changed as a result of TMF’s programs makes us want to double our contributions. It is a thrill to hear students talking after participating in the Character Does Matter program.


Q: What do you want your gifts to accomplish?

A: The more survivors who attend Expeditions, the more veterans who complete MAP-V, the more students who are inspired by CDM, and the more 9/11 Heroes Runs we have, the greater the accomplishment and the greater impact across the country.


Q: What motivates you to stay involved with TMF?

A: Every time we think about Travis giving his life for our freedom (and that is often), the more inspired we are to be committed to the Travis Manion Foundation and its mission and goals. His motto, “If Not Me, Then Who…” is a daily challenge to us. We constantly take advantage of opportunities to share the story of the Foundation with others. It has also been a privilege to meet some very influential people such as General Amos and General Kelly, Admiral McRaven, and a host of other simply awesome individuals who are as committed to and inspired by the cause as we are.


Q: Tell us your favorite Travis Manion Foundation “Mission Accomplished” story.

A: One of our favorite stories is last year while chairing the Expo Booth at the Marine Corps Marathon, we gave hundreds of TMF “If Not Me, Then Who…” wristbands to runners and their family members. We encouraged the runners to wear them because they would run better if Travis “had their back.” We received an email the day after the MCM from a young woman had run her first marathon. She said, “If I hadn’t worn my wristband and been inspired by Travis’ encouragement, I probably never would have crossed the finish line.” What a wonderful tribute.

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