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This past October, Travis Manion Foundation hosted our first Leadership Expedition for veterans in Boulder, CO. In partnership with Crooked Butterfly Ranch, TMF lead 11 veterans out into the back country for a week-long leadership experience designed to enhance the well-being of attendees through connection with nature, physical challenges, camaraderie with fellow veterans, and service to the greater Denver community. When they weren't hiking, camping, and having fire-side chats, veterans were partnering with Steve's Club to lead TMF's Character Does Matter program for local youth. 

Below, you can watch the full footage from this Leadership Expedition and hear from 3 veterans who attended the expedition and how it's making a difference in their transition to civilian life.


Full Footage

2017 TMF Leadership Expedition

In October 2017, Travis Manion Foundation held the first Veterans Leadership Expedition in Boulder, CO.

US Navy Veteran

Cameron Markowitz

“The expedition taught me I still have purpose after transitioning out of the military. My purpose in life hasn't changed. I just learned a new way to use it.”

US Marine Corps Veteran

James Han

“I realized when veterans work together, we can achieve amazing things. Not only for other people, but also for ourselves.”

US Navy Veteran

Red Ramos

"The biggest thing I'm getting out of this [expedition] is that when somebody is out there and they're telling you they're hurting and scared to do something, we always have to just push people to grow and conquer their fears."

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