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TMF executes a bold mission of empowering veterans and families of the fallen to thrive by taking part in our various initiatives. The foundation of TMF programming is Positive Psychology, a field dedicated to studying factors that contribute to individual and community well-being. Individuals are able to improve their well-being through three areas: finding meaning and purpose in their lives; developing meaningful relationships; and fully engaging in activities.

Key Findings

Veterans and families of the fallen involved in three or more TMF initiatives agreed or strongly agreed

what they do in life is valuable and worthwhile

“If you like to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty you will love the experience. The friendships you develop while working and creating something meaningful for others in your loved one’s honor is the most rewarding experience. During the Expedition was the most alive I have felt since losing Paul. What a rewarding experience to share my knowledge and experience with others.”

–Family Member of a Fallen Hero


"My greatest experience with TMF has been the conduit it provides in connecting with individuals and groups within my community. I meet and engage with people in a positive way that I may not have had I not been a part of TMF."

-Veteran Mentor


"It's a bit selfish, but I love what it does for me. It gives me a new sense of pride to give back to the community and reminds me that I can still be a part of something bigger than myself...TMF helps me spread that love further and further!"

–Partner of a Fallen Hero & Veteran

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Impact Firsthand

A TMF Veteran Account

Ben Alexander, a Veteran Mentor in Mesa, Arizona, struggled to return to civilian life after 8 years in the Marine Corps. “I felt like I was abandoned,” he says of the few tools available for transitioning military members.

But through engaging with TMF initiatives, Ben has found purpose and meaning, is developing meaningful relationships, and is engaging in activities that matter to him, like youth development and service—and in the process, overcoming the Post-Traumatic Stress that has followed him.

“Without [TMF], I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing.”

IVMF Concludes

Our Programs Empower

We have long believed that our programs empower veterans and families of the fallen to find purpose and meaning. IVMF’s study confirmed what we already know. The veterans and families of the fallen who participate in multiple TMF initiatives experienced an overall increase in thriving. This was also true of the civilian members of TMF. Simply put, more engagement with TMF correlates to an increased sense of community and a greater understanding of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose.

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An Assessment of TMF’s Impact on Youth

Passing Character to the Future

In addition to surveying our members, IVMF and TMF also sought to identify the benefit the Character Does Matter program imparts on its students. Led by veterans and families of the fallen, CDM challenges youth to adopt the “If Not Me, Then Who…” mantra daily through stories of individuals who embody character.

"Every [Fellow] mentor I have met is passionate about making a positive impact on the community."

-Veteran Mentor

Young adults surveyed showed an increase in caring, educational expectations, and pro-social attitudes. The study will continue throughout the school year to continue assessing the impact of Character Does Matter.

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