9/11 Heroes Run

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Thank you for being a key part of the TMF community. We couldn’t achieve our mission without you.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a way for you to rally your network of friends, family, and neighbors to directly support TMF programs and initiatives. Together we ensure veterans, families of the fallen, and their communities thrive and the character of our nation’s heroes lives on in the next generation.


How you create impact through fundraising:

$100 - Trains and equips Veteran Mentors to develop character in youth
$75 - Helps families of fallen heroes find healing and connection through service
$25/mo. - Supports monthly service projects led by veterans in communities nationwide
$9.11/mo. - Brings communities together through events that honor fallen heroes

Getting Started


#1. Claim Your Page

When you registered for the 9/11 Heroes Run, you received an email inviting you to claim your fundraising page. After you claim your page, you will receive a follow-up email that includes your page’s unique URL.

Forgot to claim your page or misplaced your link? Search your inbox for "More ways to support 9/11 Heroes Run" to find the email with your link. Or search for your page here by entering the name you registered with in the box.

*Charleston, Tampa, Doylestown, or Shadow Event participants should first navigate to their respective race page via - this map and enter their name in the search box on the "Donate" page.


#2. Donate to Your Own Page

People will be more likely to donate to your page if they see a donation has already been made to your page. No matter the amount, it'll encourage others to join in.


#3. Double the Donation

Hundreds of employers match donations given to TMF. Click here to see if your company offers a matching program to help bring you closer to your goal.



#4. Personalize your Page

Add your own pictures and videos. Friends and family are more likely to donate when they know how you are connected to the TMF mission and the impact their donations create.


#5. Email 5 Close Friends

Ask people close to you to donate directly. Let your closest friends and family know about your plan to participate in a 9/11 Heroes Run and what your fundraising goal is. Make a direct ask for a donation and be sure to thank your donors.


#6. Share on Social Media

Post a brief message about what TMF means to you along with your page link and a direct ask for a donation. You may even want to embed a video in your personal post to show the story of an empowered survivor or veteran, like one of the following:


Share Survivor Veronica's Story 


Share Veteran Christopher's Story

Click here for additional stories of the impact of veteran and survivor leaders.

*Note: Facebook’s algorithm favors posts with more personal details so be sure to create a new post instead of simply sharing your fundraising link.


Good luck fundraising and thank you for your support of TMF!

2023 Fundraising Incentives*

Fundraise $100


Fundraise $500


Fundraise $1,000

2022 Heroes Run P2P Incentive Images         2022 Heroes Run P2P Incentive Images 1        2022 Heroes Run P2P Incentive Images 2
 Exclusive TMF Baseball Hat
 + Exclusive TMF Hoodie
 + Exclusive TMF Under Armour Backpack


*Only individual fundraisers are eligible. Fundraising incentives begin to ship in December.

For any questions about 9/11 Heroes Run fundraising contact Jessica Gardner, National Manager for the 9/11 Heroes Run.

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