National Mentoring Month

Our Community Appreciates the Work You do as Mentors

Your Investment in Our Youth Matters

We asked supporters of TMF to create virtual, personalized Thank You notes we could share with our network of Mentors for National Mentoring Month - and they responded. Please accept these notes as tokens of appreciation for the work you do every day developing character in our nation’s youth. You are absolutely making a difference and a lot of people notice and appreciate it.

Thank you so much for the time you spend investing in future generations. So many do not have a role model. You stepping in to fulfill that role will have positive repercussions for years to come, an impact you may not realize day to day but will definitely occur. – Darlene Howard
Thanks to all who have served and theirs families. – Jacob Hobson
Thank you Veteran Mentors for all you do in our Communities and with our children! In a world that is so big instead of getting overwhelmed with all that is going on daily we can start in our local communities to make a difference. Ben Alexander, Thank You for being a stand out mentor in our community and encouraging me to join an organization that really does impact our local community and the next generation! TMF, your Mission and Vision are an extension of Travis himself. – Jennifer Anderson
Thank you for helping to shape the future. – Sophia Cannon
Thank you for honoring veterans with your service in such a unique and special way. An individual's character can affect the entire world in many different ways and we want you to know your work is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, The Lurker Family – Julie Lurker
Keep up the good work! – Lonnie Post in honor of Jim and Moira Schettler
Everyone needs someone to look up to and respect. Thanks to all that are called to help others!! – John Scaccia
Thank you for you service – Trenton Mathison
Thank you for your dedication in and out of uniform!! – Aubrey Bussey
Thanks – Andrew Kraus
You rock. You inspire me. I am honored to know you and Julie. – Kenny Bauer in honor of Dale Wetherill
What you do for our country is greatly appreciated. – Chris Phillips
Thanks to all veteran, first responder, and all active duty military. I hope this small donation can help in some way. – Adnan Ahmed
Thanks for all you do to support our active duty military members and veterans. – Elizabeth Klein
Thank you! – John McGinley
Thanks – John Olson
Thank You for your service. – Grant Nguyen
Thanks to all who are currently serving and to those who have served and continue to give back. We are forever in your debt. – Richard Sanzick
Thank you! – Bradley Fessler
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