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Thank you for wanting to put "If Not Me, Then Who..." into action. Below you'll find the resources you need to improve your community or your school by: 

  • Tracking your impact and start your service resumé by creating an account with InnerView

  • Leading an Operation Legacy service project in your community

  • Establishing a TMF Youth Club at your high school

If you have not yet participated in our Character Does Matter program and would like to learn more about how you can host one at your school, click here. After you or your teacher fill out the form, you will be connected with a TMF teammate regarding next steps.

Start Tracking Your Service Hours


When you’re ready to put “If Not Me, Then Who…” into action, start by creating your personalized student service resumé with InnerView. This will help you track your volunteer hours, connect with new service opportunities, and make it easier and more tangible to see the impact you have on your community.

Create Your Resume


You can organize an Operation Legacy service project that brings students or others from your community together for a common cause. Many times, Operation Legacy service projects involve neighborhood clean-ups, organizing clothing or food drives for a local organization, or assembling meals for elderly residents. In all cases, service projects are carried out in honor of a fallen hero who has served and sacrificed for our nation. For more information or to register an Operation Legacy service project with TMF, follow the link below.

Learn More


TMF Youth Clubs are a great way to bring the mission of TMF and the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos to your school. As a club leader, you will work closely with a faculty liaison, TMF staff and a TMF Mentor in your community to recruit members, organize meetings and plan events and activities. Activities will focus on helping you and your fellow students develop leadership skills, apply your unique character strengths, and organize service projects that honor fallen heroes.

Get Started


Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a TMF Youth Club at your high school. For more information, download the TMF Youth Club Handbook and check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page. When you are ready to start a club, email us at


Identify a School Faculty Liaison

First, determine which teacher or administrator will serve as the School Faculty Liaison and support your club’s journey. This liaison will collaborate with TMF staff on your behalf with regard to programs and activities you can implement.


Set Up an Onboarding Call with TMF Staff

Ask your liaison to help you schedule an on-boarding call with TMF staff. They’ll be able to help you figure out how to get other students interested in joining, fill required club positions, and choose a TMF Mentor to come to your school and deliver a Character Does Matter presentation to your club.


Recruit Students to Join

Start with word-of-mouth, then work with your liaison to hang posters (which you can create yourself, or ask TMF for examples) at the school or start a TMF Youth Club social media page. TMF recommends at least eight to 12 club members, but no more than 25 to ensure easier management and a high level of engagement. (If there is a high level of interest at your school, we encourage co-leaders or a core group of students to work together to lead the club.)


Form a Plan and Start Tracking Service Hours

Schedule your first meeting to determine what activities you’ll complete that school year. In order to properly track volunteer service hours, each member is required to create an InnerView account.


Share Your Opinion 

If you’re a student who has completed a Character Does Matter presentation or course, we want to hear from you. Share your thoughts and let us know how it inspired you to put “If Not Me, Then Who…” into action by completing the brief survey below.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Club Requirements

    What are the minimum requirements of a TMF Youth Club?

    Not all TMF Youth Clubs need to be the same, but there are minimum requirements for each one. All clubs must:

    • Have a School Faculty Liaison (teacher or school administrator) who can support the club, communicate with TMF staff and TMF Mentors, and be present at all in-school meetings.

    • Hold an on-boarding call with TMF staff to learn more about TMF Youth Clubs and ask questions about how you can embrace the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos at your high school.

    • Host a Character Does Matter presentation during the school year for your club, led by a trained and vetted TMF Mentor.

    • Meet at least once per month during the school year.

    • Have all TMF Youth Club members create an InnerView account to log service hours and capture member engagement.

    • Organize and execute a minimum of two Operation Legacy service projects every school year, registering each project through the TMF website and communicating plans with TMF staff.

    • Keep TMF staff informed of all club activities and progress throughout the year.

    • Continue to be a positive role model and embody TMF’s values at school.


    How many students are required to create a TMF Youth Club?

    TMF recommends at least 8-12 student members but no more than 25 to maintain a high level of engagement. All students are required to create an InnerView account and log individual service hours.


  • Club Roles And Responsibilities

    What are the roles and responsibilities of required positions?

    There are three required positions for each TMF Youth Club: a president, filled by a student; a School Faculty Liaison, filled by a teacher or school administrator; and ideally less than 25 student members. Below are brief descriptions of each role:

    TMF Club President: Responsible for effectiveness and sustainability of the club. Goal is to support all members and provide purpose and direction for the club. There are no restrictions on who can serve in this role; however, this student must have a comprehensive understanding of TMF. For new TMF Youth Clubs, the student starting the club is granted the role of TMF Club President. For existing TMF Youth Clubs, how future TMF Club Presidents are chosen may be decided by the School Faculty Liaison and club members as a whole. 

    TMF School Faculty Liaison: Must be a teacher, school administrator or other staff member affiliated with the school. Responsible for collaborating with TMF staff on TMF programs and activities for the club and larger school body. The liaison is expected to serve as the primary point of contact for TMF staff, trained TMF Mentors, and students. For more information on the School Faculty Liaison, view our one-pager here.

    TMF Club Members: Students who actively participate in all club meetings, activities, and service projects for at least 12 hours per year, per member. In addition, each member is responsible for creating an Innerview account and logging all service hours in the portal. While there is no maximum number of students,TMF recommends no more than 25 students actively participating to ensure a high level of interaction and engagement managed by the President, School Faculty Liaison, and TMF Mentor. 


    Are there other optional positions within a TMF Youth Club?

    You are welcome to assign various roles to other club members at your discretion. You can discuss these positions with your members and School Faculty Liaison, but some possible examples may include: 

    • Vice President: Ensures the President maintains all aspects of the club and assists with operations in the absence of the President. 

    • Treasurer: Oversees club finances (if applicable) and fundraising throughout the year. This position is recommended if the TMF Youth Club plans on facilitating TMF fundraising events.

    • Secretary: Records notes at each meeting and maintains official records of meetings. Assists with circulation of notes for students who are absent.

    • Operation Legacy Service Project Leader: Collaborates with community organizations for service projects on behalf of TMF Club. Enlists the help of the School Faculty Liaison and TMF Mentor if an adult is needed. 


  • Additional Information

    What are some examples of Operation Legacy service projects?

    There are numerous, actionable ways you can answer a pressing need in your community while honoring a fallen hero. Here are several ideas to help you get started.

    I attended a Character Does Matter presentation or course elsewhere. How can I bring it to my school?

    TMF staff is always working to bring Character Does Matter curriculum to more schools across the country. To learn more about how you can host Character Does Matter at your school, click here. After you or your teacher fill out the form, you will be connected with a TMF teammate regarding next steps.


  • Additional Resources
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