2021 - 2022
Annual Report

Empowering Veterans + Survivors

We believe veterans and families of the fallen are critical resources to unite communities and strengthen our national character. In order to adequately equip them for their role as leaders, Travis Manion Foundation is committed to providing them with personal development and training to grow and thrive. Our programming addresses the needs of veterans and survivors, and meets them where they are – beginning with mental health and wellness, and continuing to community support. Armed with these resources, they are empowered to serve and unite communities while addressing our country’s most pressing challenges.

Who We Serve

As a leading Veteran Service Organization (VSO), TMF’s mission is, above all else, to support and empower our nation’s veterans so they can utilize their strengths to impact others. We’ve also made it our mission to do the same for family members of the fallen, as we recognize their sacrifices have positioned them to serve as leaders and strengthen communities nationwide. In this year alone, TMF empowered nearly 7,000 veterans and families of the fallen through mental health and personal development resources, community support, and opportunities to serve.

Our nation’s veterans and families of the fallen inherently possess a resilience, strength of character, and duty to country from which we can all learn.

They are already poised to serve as leaders. Empowering them to do this more effectively has allowed them to thrive. It’s also provided communities nationwide with difference makers they need to bring people together and respond to our most critical challenges. More so than anyone else, they are the examples our future generations need right now.

— Ryan Manion, TMF President
Programs + Initiatives
Training + Support
Service Opportunities
Community Activation
Honoring the Fallen
Personal Development for Veterans + Families of the Fallen

This year, TMF continued to increase opportunities for veterans and families of the fallen to access personal development and mental health resources, as well as build community through in-person engagements. First, thousands of veterans, survivors and inspired civilians completed our Leading With Your Strengths course, available in person and online through our Spartan Development Center sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

Finally, our immersive 7-month Spartan Leadership Program also continued its incredible impact by helping to develop a selected group of leaders dedicated to creating actionable change in their communities.

Providing Opportunities for Veterans + Survivors to Serve

With 1 in 3 youth reporting they have no positive role model in their lives, developing character is one of the most impactful ways our Mentors serve. Powered by Under Armour, our best-in-class Character Does Matter program allowed Mentors to connect with and provide character education to nearly 43,000 youth online and in person. More than 350 veterans and families of the fallen joined our network of Mentors, which has allowed us to continue expanding the program and developing character in even more communities.

Additionally this year, TMF also empowered families of the fallen to serve on Expeditions that helped them address meal insecurities, renovate homes and community centers, and serve elderly veterans. In total, more than 105 survivors honored their fallen loved ones on service Expeditions to Atlanta, Montana, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and New Orleans.

Meeting Community Needs

Our ongoing effort to prepare and empower volunteers nationwide helped us keep a pulse on communities and appropriately respond when pressing needs arose. That cooperation was evident in focused efforts for Veterans Day and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, where TMF Chapters activated volunteers for service projects that addressed meal insecurities, community beautification, and renovating and rebuilding homes.

For the first time, TMF veterans and survivors also helped shoulder an economic burden among families as students prepared to start a new school year in fall 2021. As part of our inaugural Back to School Character Days initiative, Mentors provided a day of mentorship and backpacks full of school supplies to over 2,500 youth across the country.

Honoring the Fallen through Service + Activation

In addition to service projects that honor fallen heroes, two major initiatives this year that paid tribute to those who served and sacrificed for our country included #TheHonorProject and our recognition of the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Hundreds of volunteers paid tribute to over 4,000 fallen service members on Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery, standing in for family members and battle buddies who could not visit their loved ones on the day of remembrance.

Then, on the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, our annual 9/11 Heroes Runs brought together more than 60,000 participants in small- and large-scale community events aimed at honoring the sacrifices of that day and the wars since. Race events returned in 90 communities nationwide to unite communities in honor of our fallen and veterans who have served since the attacks.

By the Numbers

TMF has continued to engage Spartans nationwide, bringing purpose and meaning to thousands of lives through service. Our attitude of resilience and perseverance has positioned us to find new ways to create impact, empower more leaders, and develop character in future generations.

The below data is demonstrative of our impact during FY2021-2022 only.

Empowering Leaders
Veterans and Survivors
Activated by TMF
Active Communities
throughout the Country
Youth Impacted by
Veteran Mentors
Strengthening Communities
Community Service
Invested Back Into
Communities Nationwide
Hours Spent Helping Spartans Identify Individual Strengths
Service Project Participants
National Reach
TMF Regional Headquarters
Office locations for TMF staff within active TMF communities
TMF Chapters
Locations that execute a full breadth of TMF programs, initiatives, and events.
Growing TMF Communities
Areas where TMF has at least one or more programs or events.

Cities Featured Above

Greater California

Orange County
San Diego County:
• Carlsbad
• Imperial Beach
• San Diego
• San Marcos


Metro Atlanta:
• Decatur
• Fulton County
• Marietta
• Sharpsburg

New York

Greater New York:
• Huntington
• Hudson Valley
• Connecticut

Greater Texas

• Austin
• Georgetown
Dallas/Ft. Worth:
• Arlington
• Dallas
• Ft. Worth

Greater Florida

• Boca Raton
• West Palm Beach


Greater Chicago:
• Chicago
• Naperville
• Wheaton

North Carolina

Research Triangle:
• Chapel Hill
• Durham
• Raleigh

Greater Montana

• Great Falls
• Bozeman


Greater Philadelphia:
• Delaware Valley
• Doylestown
• Philadelphia
• New Jersey

National Capital Region

Northern Virginia:
• Fairfax County
• Alexandria
• Springfield
Southern Maryland
• Prince George's County

Program Evaluation

Following our second year of the Spartan Leadership Program, we focused research efforts on measuring the effectiveness of the highly acclaimed program that develops veteran and survivor leaders. TMF is a data-driven organization that is committed to continuously evaluating the impact of our programs. We utilize the Brief Inventory of Thriving (BIT) to measure changes in mental health and wellness of our participants, thoroughly examining categories of thriving such as: sense of purpose, feelings of worth, belonging, and achievement.

Spartan Leadership Program Evaluation

Key Finding 1

Across every measure of thriving, well-being scores improved for participants after completing the Spartan Leadership Program. Overall, graduates experienced a 21% increase in thriving scores.

Key Finding 2

Disabled veterans in the program experienced some of the greatest increases across well-being measures, including a 27% increase in sense of purpose and feelings of worth.

Increase in Thriving Scores for
Spartan Leadership Program

Before SLP
Thriving score prior to the Spartan Leadership Program
After SLP
Thriving score after the Spartan Leadership Program
Spartan Leadership Program
Improvements in Mental Health & Well-Being
+ 21 %
Overall Thriving
Score Increase*
*before and after
the program
for all participants
+ 27 %
Sense of Purpose and Feelings of Worth*
*for VA-disabled veterans participating in SLP vs. those not participating in SLP
I am not aware of any other program in the world that pairs veterans and families of the fallen in a more personal and impactful way.
Rooster Rossiter
Veteran + SLP Graduate

Increase in Thriving Scores for Disabled Veterans Participating in Spartan Leadership Program

Scores of VA Disabled Veterans in the Spartan Leadership Program
Non-SLP VA Disabled Veteran
Scores of VA Disabled Veterans not involved in the Spartan Leadership Program

Past Reports

Veteran Wellness Case Study - 2021

Download the Report

Mental Health & Wellness Outcomes for Veterans - 2020

Download the Report

Strengthening Veteran + Survivor Leaders

In 2021, two cohorts of veterans and survivor leaders completed the 7-month Spartan Leadership Program journey of character-based learning, self-discovery, and experiential leadership development. Through a blend of in-person and virtual engagements, veterans and families of the fallen were challenged to reflect on and develop a deeper understanding of personal values, strengths, and purpose. The experience culminated with each member developing a comprehensive plan of action to enact meaningful change in their communities. Due to initial success of the Spartan Leadership Program, TMF has increased the size of each cohort to develop more changemakers nationwide.


Marine Veteran Finds Purpose + Renewed Call to Serve

Marine Veteran Chuck Segel, who was serving alongside 1stLt Travis Manion when he gave the ultimate sacrifice in 2007, fought depression, PTSD, and losing his sense of purpose upon leaving the military. After years of struggling on his own, he connected with TMF and found healing through giving back to his community. Now a highly engaged Spartan leader and TMF service project leader, Chuck has reconnected with his drive to serve and the feeling of belonging he’d lost years before.

Surviving Parents Honor Fallen Soldier Son through TMF Service

We continued to impact families of the fallen like Steve and Susan Cavanaugh, who traveled to Anchorage, Alaska on a TMF Expedition to honor their son, SPC Max Cavanaugh. Alongside other survivors, they paid tribute to Max by repairing and rebuilding the home of a Gold Star mother and assisting a local veterans home. Since then, they have continued to build bonds in the survivor community and carry on their son’s legacy of service through numerous other TMF Expeditions and service projects.

Once we invest in veterans and families of the fallen, they go on to positively impact the lives of our nation’s youth. This year, Mentors impacted 42,500 youth through the Character Does Matter program powered by Under Armour, which also incorporated a service element where students could live out the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos in their communities. Our studies have shown that TMF Mentors improve student behaviors and attitudes in areas like self-reflection, confidence, goal-setting, leadership and service. They’ve also been inspired to improve positive behaviors, reduce negative behaviors, and become agents of change who go on to positively influence school cultures and local communities far beyond contact with TMF.
of students report they are more likely to interfere when someone is being bullied, threatened or harassed
of students report they are more motivated to help others because of CDM participation
participate in or lead community service projects after joining CDM

Past Youth Reports

Youth Impact - 2021

Download the Report

Youth Impact - 2020

Download the Report

Marine Veteran Brings Lessons in Character to St. Louis Step Team

After years serving as a Character Does Matter Mentor, Marine Veteran Chris Randall has realized the value of the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos with youth in his hometown of St. Louis. A longtime advocate and co-founder of a local boys' step team, Chris began incorporating Character Does Matter lessons into his weekly rehearsals. Now, Chris’ passion has not only helped to develop their character; he and the CDM curriculum have inspired them to begin serving in their communities.

Crisis Response

Strategically investing in Spartan leaders throughout the country allows us to serve with agility, responding to immediate and pressing needs as they arise. This year, those needs have varied tremendously from response to natural disasters to fallout from the Afghanistan withdrawal that left thousands without homes and even more searching for answers.

Afghanistan Resettlement
Natural Disaster Response
Mental Health + Emotional Well-Being
Afghanistan Resettlement

After the Afghanistan withdrawal, tens of thousands of U.S. allies were evacuated and brought to the United States to start new lives. They lacked support networks, essential resources, and guidance on navigating life in a foreign land. In partnership with the American Red Cross, TMF first deployed groups of veterans and families of the fallen to military bases where evacuees were being housed following their exit from Afghanistan. We then continued to form bonds with five local Afghan families in several communities throughout the country, offering support in finding essential services, mentoring and engaging Afghan youth, learning English, and navigating everyday life. Additionally, TMF provided our veterans and families of the fallen struggling with news related to the withdrawal with community support and access to free mental health resources like Check-In. The tool connects veterans and their families with free clinical care.

Natural Disaster Response

After a devastating tornado hit Mayfield, KY, in late December 2021, local Veteran Mentors knew they had to act. With support from TMF and Spartans within their network, the team gathered over 1,000 pounds of food and supplies and immediately drove them to Kentucky. After arriving, they were able to connect with a local church managing a supply distribution center and help feed over 100 people. They also distributed TMF clothing to those receiving support throughout Mayfield and shared several stories of fallen heroes with the community.

Mental Health + Emotional Well-Being

Following several different national crises - including the withdrawal in Afghanistan - TMF continued to conduct mental health buddy checks with our Spartans across the country and offer emotional support, when necessary. TMF is a proud member of the Veterans Wellness Alliance through the George W. Bush Institute. Through this partnership, we’ve directly connected our veterans and families of the fallen with no-cost mental health resources and clinical care. We know that our mission of empowering veterans and survivors to develop character in future generations begins by ensuring those within our community are well.


On average, 91% of every dollar donated to TMF goes directly to programs that empower veterans and families of the fallen to develop character in future generations. TMF holds a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar and has been identified as a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator since 2015, with a perfect score of 100 on accountability and transparency. Thus far, TMF has empowered 75,000 veterans and families of the fallen and we’ve developed character in 425,000 youth nationwide.

Total Revenue: $18,609,044
  • 4.00%Government
  • 40.00%In-Kind Contributions
  • 9.00%Foundations
  • 30.00%Corporations
  • 12.00%Individuals
  • 4.00%Program Services
  • 1.00%Other
Expenses: $16,044,541
  • 4.30%General & Administrative
  • 4.20%Fundraising
  • 91.50%Programs

Program Expenses


Community engagement for veterans and families of the fallen


Character Development and Veteran Youth Mentorship


Personal development and training for veterans and families of the fallen


End of Year Net Assets

Tax Filings

2021-2022 Federal Form 990

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2021-2022 Audited Financials

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2021-2022 Executive Summary

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Looking Ahead

The next 2-3 years will be critical for TMF as we build capacity for future growth during phase 1 of our 10-year strategy. We will devote additional resources to improving the well-being of Spartans by launching a mental health e-course and by providing training for volunteer leaders to identify and support the mental health needs of their members. In an effort to improve member experience and increase engagement, we will likewise add technology that better connects our Spartan community with staff support and one another. We will also commission a “community impact study” to measure and report on the impact of TMF in aggregate at the community level. Finally, we will expand our Character Does Matter program to include deeper engagement between veterans and youth as well as a practical application component that challenges students to leverage what they have learned to address real-world issues.

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