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“If Not Me, Then Who…” Blonde Ale is available to the public, and coming to you soon


In 2015, Doylestown Brewing Company and Travis Manion Foundation partnered up to create an "If Not Me, Then Who ... " brew. They intended for it to be an additional fundraising opportunity for TMF at events for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and the 9/11 Heroes Run race series. However, the response from the public was overwhelmingly positive, and the flood of requests to purchase the beer outside of TMF events has been constant. 

In 2018, Doylestown Brewing Company expanded its brewing facility and substantially increased production volume. With the introduction of the "If Not Me, Then Who ... " Blonde Ale to the canning line in May of 2019, it was made available to wholesalers and distributors in Pennsylvania. With each delivery of the beer over the next several months, the product had a 100% sell-through rate within 48-hours at nearly 40 locations. The great taste and smooth finish, coupled with the knowledge that  each beer purchase provides TMF funding to support veterans and families of the fallen, has grown the demand for the beer to a new level.

An article featuring the beer was recently posted by We Are the Mighty, which referred to the "If Not Me, Then Who ... " Blonde Ale as "The hero-inspired beer that should be on your radar (and in your hand) for 2020." 

With the strong brand name and nationwide reach of TMF, breweries, distributors, and the general public all across the country constantly request to carry the beer. To expand availability, TMF and Doylestown Brewing Company have identified specific breweries in South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia to launch a pilot program in the Spring of 2020 that the craft brewing industry has never seen before. This program will quickly make the beer available to distributors throughout each state by having local partners brew the beer, all while maintaining the standard that the same portion of sales is donated to TMF. 

To see a full list of retail locations currently carrying the

"If Not Me, Then Who..." brew, click here. 

How to Bring "If Not Me, Then Who..." Brew to You


In 2020, Doylestown Brewing Company and Travis Manion Foundation will be looking to grow the availability of the "If Not Me, Then Who ... " brew even further to select breweries for distribution across the country.

If you are a brewery interested in the “If Not Me, Then Who…” Brew, there are a few requirements to partner with Doylestown Brewing Company and TMF:

  • Brewery must have their own canning line
  • Brewery must be able to produce a minimum of 30 barrels per month, with understanding that demand could grow with partnership through local sports stadiums and public attractions
  • Brewery will agree to support local TMF Chapter initiatives or events with beer where needed (ex: 9/11 Heroes Run, Spartan Leadership Summit, Golf Outings, etc...)
  • Brewery agrees to Royalty amounts for case and/or keg collar donated to TMF in support of programs benefiting veterans and families of the fallen


Interested breweries should email: and include the following information:

  • Name of brewery 
  • Location of brewery 
  • Any Personal Connection to TMF 
  • Point of contact and contact information
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