Veteran Stories

Leadership Expedition - Rediscovering Purpose This Veteran's Day

On TMF’s Leadership Expedition, 12 veterans find the camaraderie, purpose, and character that binds them to their military service, and to one another.


“It was amazing to see the camaraderie that developed between such a large group of like-minded strangers over such a short period of time.”
-Joel Cartwright, Army Veteran


“I realized when veterans work together, we can achieve amazing things. Not only for other people, but also for ourselves.”
-James Han, Marine Veteran


“It feels good to see veterans doing something that makes them happy and keeps them going.”
-Jorge Vera, Marine Veteran


“The expedition taught me I still have purpose after transitioning out of the military. My purpose in life hasn't changed. I just learned a new way to use it.”
-Cameron Markowitz, Navy Veteran


**Click here to see an in-depth look at the individual impact on these veterans that found their purpose on this Leadership Expedition**

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