"If not me, then who ..."

Empowering Veterans to lead the way

Our veterans and families of the fallen are uniquely positioned to lead, both due to their commitment to our country and their passion for service. In the midst of a global pandemic and a subsequent mental health crisis, TMF recognized that in order to put the strengths of veterans to work, we had to first ensure their mental health and wellness were intact. Our veterans and survivors were then able to move forward with addressing the needs of their communities, starting with youth who found themselves learning outside of traditional classroom walls and continuing to the larger community.

This year challenged us like no other, but it also allowed us to see what we are capable of…

This year challenged us like no other, but it also allowed us to see what we are capable of, both as an organization and as a community. Answering the needs of our veterans and families of the fallen, adapting to the obstacles thrown at us, meeting and exceeding the goals we had for ourselves when it came to connecting with youth and addressing the needs of communities nationwide, it truly demonstrated the incredible resilience of TMF.

By The

In the face of unprecedented challenges, TMF worked to engage our Veteran and Survivor Mentors and empower Spartans nationwide to make a difference in communities throughout the country. We pivoted many of our traditional initiatives to a virtual or hybrid format, which has increased our impact on students, veterans, and families of the fallen.

2020-2021 Fiscal Year Impact
Operation Legacy
Service Hours
Value Re-invested
by volunteers
touch points
Mental health
Virtual +
in-person socials

hours invested by
veteran leaders
Veterans, Families of Fallen Heroes and Inspired
Civilians Engaged with TMF since our inception.
Veterans & Survivors Supported Through TMF Programs
Heroes Run Participants in Communities Worldwide
Youth Impacted by the Character Does Matter Program
Volunteers for Operation Legacy Service Projects
Volunteer Service Projects
Programs + Initiatives

Empowering Veterans & Families of the Fallen to Develop Character in Future Generations

Training &
the Fallen
Training and Supporting Veterans +
Families of the Fallen

TMF increased the number of veterans and families of the fallen we serve by bringing valuable mental health and wellness resources online through development of the Spartan Development Center. Sponsored by our official healthcare partner, Johnson & Johnson, the virtual hub makes offerings like our Leading With Your Strengths e-course accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also deepened the impact among our most engaged veterans and survivors through a series of regional summits as well as our newly-created 7-month Spartan Leadership Program. Sponsored by Boeing, the program uses a blend of virtual and in-person experiences to invest in those who we believe are uniquely positioned to motivate communities toward meaningful change.

Providing Opportunities for Veterans +
Survivors to Serve

This year, when the pandemic took students out of schools where our Character Does Matter youth mentoring program took place, we knew we had to try a new method to connect and develop our youth. Powered by Under Armour, our CDM program moved online almost immediately after the pandemic hit, engaging students through a series of Facebook Live videos and Zoom calls led by Veteran and Survivor Mentors. Virtual engagements helped dramatically expand our reach, engaging 56,595 students in this year alone - tens of thousands more than we anticipated. Now that youth are making their way back into classrooms and community organizations, we’ve adopted a hybrid model to deliver our landmark program.

Activating Local Communities

The isolation and mental health challenges of 2020-21 may have made our service to communities look different this year, but that didn’t reduce our impact. TMF called on our Spartan members to serve in place through small efforts like checking in on neighbors, distributing protective gear, cleaning up their neighborhoods, and delivering groceries to the elderly, as well as coordinated Operation Legacy service projects like monthly food drives in Chicago and Houston that safely helped veterans impacted by food insecurities. We saw nearly 3,000 Spartans, youth and their families clean up neighborhoods from Philadelphia to Seattle, stock local food pantries, and answer the call to serve in a number of different ways.

Uniting Communities to Honor the Fallen

Instead of uniting communities physically this year, TMF brought people together in spirit by pivoting our major events like Manion WOD and our annual 9/11 Heroes Run to virtual experiences. We activated people nationwide to involve their families and neighborhood groups in our Manion WOD, created in honor of 1stLt Travis Manion, USMC. Instead of large-scale 9/11 Heroes Run events, TMF hosted a series of shadow runs in key communities and encouraged our Spartans to run together safely on their own. As a result, 15,000 people participated in remembering the names of our fallen, sharing their stories, and taking action in their honor. Moving forward, we’ve committed to maintaining virtual formats that have proven successful in uniting our communities and coupling them with in-person events that connect people in meaningful ways.

What I finally realized being part of TMF, is that I missed service...

What I finally realized being part of TMF, is that I missed service. In the military, I had a purpose and a goal of serving my country. When I got out, I was missing that and I focused just on my own personal wealth, or well-being. Being able to do community service is something that I know will last for a long time. It's given me that sense of purpose and fulfillment that I was longing for.

— Veteran

TMF initiatives - from our Character Does Matter program to our 9/11 Heroes Run race series - take place in communities nationwide. The map below highlights locations of our regional offices, communities where local TMF chapters are active, and areas where we're looking to build engagement.

TMF Regional Headquarters
Office locations for TMF staff within active TMF communities
TMF Chapters
Locations that execute a full breadth of TMF programs, initiatives and events
Growing TMF Communities
Areas where TMF has at least one program or event

Additional Cities Where TMF has Programming


Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe


San Diego, Coronado, Imperial Beach


Lithia, Sarasota, Tampa, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach


Atlanta, Decatur, Fulton County, Marietta, Sharpsburg


Chicago, Naperville, Wheaton


Great Falls, Bozeman

New York

New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Huntington, Wall

North Carolina

Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh


Doylestown (National Headquarters), Philadelphia, Delaware Valley, New Jersey


Austin, Georgetown, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington


Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach

Greater Washington, DC

Prince George's County, Fairfax County

Science +

Since 2018, TMF has worked with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University to assess the impact of our programs on the health, wellness, and thriving of our members and participants. Our 2019 IVMF report found the more our members engage with us, the more they experience positive growth. This year, we wanted to dig even deeper to ensure we were positively impacting the overall well-being and mental health of our Spartans. In addition to a member survey that utilized a 10-question Brief Inventory of Thriving (BIT) scale, we worked with IVMF to conduct a series of interviews, and progress reports on short- and long-term effects of TMF programs on our members.

Key Findings
As a result of participation, TMF members felt more connected to one another and their community, leading to improvements in their mental and physical health, and ultimately greater well-being and thriving.
of veterans and families of the fallen say they feel more connected to themselves and their communities due to their involvement with TMF
of TMF members say they are more inspired to serve their communities due to their involvement with TMF.
of youth report they are more motivated to help others after participation in Character Does Matter


Veteran Wellness Case Study - 2021

download the report

Mental Health + Wellness Outcomes for Veterans - 2020

download the report

Research supports the impact we’re making

Like our work with IVMF, we know that our mission of empowering veterans and families of the fallen is most effectively carried out by taking a science-based approach. The foundation of all TMF initiatives is rooted in Positive Psychology, a field dedicated to studying factors that contribute to individual and community well-being. Based on this research we know that our Spartans are able to improve their well-being through three areas: finding meaning and purpose in their lives, developing meaningful relationships, and fully engaging in activities that leverage personal strengths.

impact on veterans +
families of the fallen

USMC Veteran Shares Story of Renewed Purpose

About 84% of veterans and survivors report a sense of community with TMF involvement, as well as a significant increase in their sense of thriving as their involvement increases. Like Marine Veteran Ben Alexander of Mesa, Ariz., veterans nationwide credit our programs and our community with helping them develop meaningful relationships, engage in activities that matter like youth development, and use their stories to develop and impact others. A 2021 report by IVMF found that as a result of the connection our veterans feel once they participate in TMF programs, their mental and physical health improves, and ultimately they experience greater well-being.

Gold Star Sister Speaks on Grief and Healing

Like our veterans, 96% of our families of the fallen report that once they become involved with TMF their ability to handle challenges and difficulties improves. Fostering greater resilience and increased thriving comes from helping our survivor community train to become mentors to youth, and providing opportunities to help them lead and participate in service projects that unite communities in honor of their loved ones. Monica Velez, who lost both of her brothers in service in Iraq, credits TMF for helping her “feel whole again.” “This person that I had lost, that I didn't connect with anymore, I found her when I stood up and gave my first CDM presentation,” Monica said. “As I looked up and stared at all those faces, I found being a sister again.”

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I didn't know the impact that my story would have on others, just by talking about perseverance ...

I didn't know the impact that my story would have on others, just by talking about perseverance and everything, because I hadn’t tapped into that yet. But [The TMF community] kept telling me, 'more people need to hear about your story. Share your story and talk to your students about how you were able to overcome"….That it gave me a different viewpoint. My life didn’t end in the military, it's just a new beginning to something else.

— Veteran Mentor
... when TMF came to my life, it was more about really entering into life again and being challenged ...

After he died, it was all about survival and grieving. Then, when TMF came to my life, it was more about really entering into life again and being challenged. And being physically challenged and mentally challenged has really, really helped me grow immensely.

— Veteran Mentor
Impact on youth

Although the ways in which Veteran Mentors reach youth has continued to expand and grow, our goals for the Character Does Matter program have remained the same. Through mentoring, presentations and outreach opportunities led by Veteran and Survivor Mentors, TMF strives to develop character in future generations by positively impacting their behaviors and attitudes in areas like self-reflection, confidence, goal-setting, leadership and service. Our mentors also create long-term change in individuals, inspiring them to become agents of change who go on to positively influence their school cultures and local communities, far beyond their contact with TMF. A report by IVMF found that during the 2020 school year, 84% of students reported participation in at least one leadership activity since beginning CDM. After completing the program, 86.9% of students stated they were far more likely to interfere when they saw someone being bullied, threatened or harassed, and over half went on to engage in service to their communities after completing the program.

... I was able to de-stress and find motivation after listening to the inspiring stories of the Mentors.

In the program, I had the ability to interact with others more than usual and gain enough courage to engage in activities or other teamwork-involving projects. I was able to de-stress and find motivation after listening to the inspiring stories of the Mentors.

— high school student
... I had to tap into the idea of teamwork ... learning how to work more cohesively

A lot of what I learned from Travis Manion [Foundation] was how to be an effective communicator and manager of projects. So I would communicate with other project leaders [on a service project] but also, learn how to manage the project as a whole. I learned that, as I progressed, it was hard. I had to tap into the idea of teamwork ... learning how to work more cohesively, understanding everybody else, and making sure things are coordinated and streamlined.

— high school student
Key Findings
1 _ Veteran Mentors positively impact students’ behaviors and attitudes.
2 _ After completing the Character Does Matter program, young adults become agents of change.
of students participated in at least one leadership activity since beginning CDM.
of students reported they are more motivated to help others because of their participation in CDM.
of students report they are more likely to interfere when someone is being bullied, threatened or harassed.

Youth Reports


download the report


download the report

When the global pandemic hit, we knew a lot of TMF initiatives would look different. Many in-person events were paused and many of our youth were home rather than in classrooms where Veteran Mentors had previously met them. Before going back to the drawing board, however, we knew the mental health and well-being of our veterans and families of the fallen had to be top priority. Once their needs were met and solutions were found, our community could lean on the grit and resilience of our members.

mental health
isolation +
youth education +
Addressing Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation that came with it brought a mental health crisis that plagued many with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. TMF mobilized our chapters and team members to conduct a system of mental health buddy checks, personally calling 3,500 Spartans nationwide to ensure they were not alone. The launch of our new Spartan Development Center sponsored by J&J, the official healthcare partner of TMF, also brought mental health and wellness resources online so our members could access what they needed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - for free.

Isolation and Disconnectedness

With feelings of isolation and disconnectedness especially prevalent among veterans and families of the fallen, TMF sought to bring people together and highlight the mental health resources we and other like-minded organizations have available. We hosted four mental health and well-being seminars and 22 virtual socials to bring our Spartans together throughout the pandemic. Creating a virtual presence for large-scale community events like our 9/11 Heroes Run also helped to ensure people had the opportunity to come together safely, serve and honor our fallen heroes.

At-Home Education and Support for Youth

In the first weeks of the pandemic, when youth of all ages suddenly found themselves at home instead of in classrooms, TMF met them where they were. Every day for weeks, our Veteran and Survivor Mentors conducted Facebook Live character and leadership lessons, and after that, when virtual education became a more permanent fixture, our presentations pivoted to classroom settings. In total, our Mentors impacted 56,595 students with character and leadership education in 2020-2021.

Food Shortages and Immediate Needs

In the earliest days of the pandemic, TMF provided for the immediate needs of our most vulnerable members by addressing food security, essential supply shortages, transportation, and child/elderly care. We coordinated blood donations and organized food drives for veterans impacted by food insecurities, collected and distributed masks and protective gear, and conducted neighborhood clean-ups that united people when they needed it most. In addition to over 200,000 pounds of food distributed in cities like Houston and Chicago, our members donated 3,300 service hours in 2020 alone.


At least 90% of contributions to TMF go directly back to supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of veterans and family members of the fallen, according to numerous independent audits. For the third consecutive year, Charity Navigator has also awarded TMF a four-star rating for our financial health and commitment to accountability, putting us in the company of only 26% of nonprofits who receive the coveted rating three years in a row.

Total Revenue: $13,822,137
  • 4.50%Government
  • 34.60%In-Kind Contributions
  • 14.90%Foundations
  • 32.00%Corporations
  • 10.40%Individuals
  • 3.30%Program Service
  • 0.30%Other
Expenses: $10,774,712
  • 4.20%General & Administrative
  • 6.40%Fundraising
  • 89.40%Programs

Program Expenses


Community engagement for veterans and families of the fallen


Character Development and Veteran Youth Mentorship


Personal development and training for veterans and families of the fallen


End of Year Net Assets


2020-2021 Federal Form 990

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2020-2021 Annual Report (Executive Summary)

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2020-2021 Audited Financials

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Raising Awareness

TMF has worked to share the impact our veterans and families of the fallen are making in their local communities. In 2020-2021, coverage of their efforts reached over 1.1 million people and generated a total media value of over $1.56 million. Here’s a look at a few of the top stories from the year.

Fallen Marine's Sister and fellow soldier honor his legacy
9/11 Heroes run goes virtual
24 Hour Give-a-thon to Support Veterans and Families of the Fallen Responding to COVID-19
Media Impact
media features of over
10 million unique views nationwide
total views from national news highlighting efforts by veterans and families of fallen heroes
media features mentioning veterans and families of fallen heroes in 2020-2021
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Our Impact + Stories

Find out more about how we’re making a difference in the lives of veterans, families of the fallen, and the youth and communities they serve.

Spartan Society

Learn more about the members of our elite recognition program for donors who go above and beyond each year.

Mission + Vision

Explore our mission and vision for honoring the legacy of 1st Lt Travis Manion and all of our nation’s fallen heroes by empowering veterans, survivors, and developing character in youth.

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Join the Mission to find TMF events and programs in your area and how you can get involved in our movement of service.

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Meet our dedicated staff and our Board of Directors.

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2020-2021 Executive Summary